When West Bengal is struggling to recover from a serious bout of communal clashes, the BJP’s IT Cell has started a SaveBengal Campaign on Twitter while also calling for a protest on the same.

But instead of using actual images of riots from Bengal, they have spiced it up by passing off images from the Gujarat riots of 2002. Incidentally a few days back one of their executive memebers from Haryana tried to pass off fake images from a Bhojpuri film as riots from Bengal and was exposed by us.

When Save Bengal online campaign began yesterday,BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma posted a tweet, that promoted their campaign and called for a protest.

This tweet has been retweeted and liked over 1500 times.

Many others followed.

Mamata shldn't forget tht Hindus hv lot of Patience & wil tolerate to an extent.Anyone who takes Hindus 4 granted wil be doomed #SaveBengal pic.twitter.com/UhwTepGLS5

— श्वेता (@swetasinghsinha) July 8, 2017

But on closer inspection, we found that the image had nothing to do with Bengal. In fact this image is an old image from Gujarat riots taken way back in 2002.

This latest attempt at faking has become a subject of ridicule in the social media,with many airing their criticism for the rampant misinformation campaign undertaken recently by several prominent celebrities with sizeable following, affliated to the BJP, on Twitter.

What is your view on such actions

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Source: TheNewsExpress.co

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