Yes Magic Mirror, I’m looking at you.

The daily struggle, mission, challenge — call it what you will — of the designer is to keep every idea fresh. Every time you pick up a pen or lay your hand on a mouse or trackpad, there must be signs of progression and development, no matter how minor, from what you previously created.

I produce promotional material for mobile apps on a very regular basis and it doesn’t take long before you feel all your resources have been exhausted. The magic mirror templates are absolutely fantastic and i want to share a super quick example of just how versatile…

So you’ve had your eureka moment over a coffee or on the way to the shop for milk. The app that will change your life, oh and also the world.

Presuming you’re just about to hit up google, here are 7 quick questions to ask yourself to add a bit of structure to your investigation.

Éirmoji — On the Lash

Éirmoji — On the Lash

It all began with emoji.

I’m a graphic designer. I use blend modes all the time. The trial and error method I use has 2 types of results.

Result A: A surprise image that drives your design concept forward.

Result B: Your shielding your eyes and recoiling in shame from the abuse you have just given your beautiful photograph. You’re also praying to God that no co-worker chose that moment to stroll past your screen.

Whilst not knowing which to expect keeps me on my toes, it is also time consuming. Therefor I have summarised and briefly described what each blend mode does. …

The Christmas Shopping (Extremely Mathematical) Straight Line Graph

Christmas Eve Last Year (and also all the other years):

9am. Cool, calm and collected, you scan your presents list and enjoy a coffee while waiting for the shops to open. You’ve got this.

10am and you’ve picked out a jumper for your Mam. It cost way too much and you’re still not certain she’s going to like it. But you’ll never be certain. So you’ve got to just move on with your life.

11am and the streets look like an anti-flashmob. Everybody is moving but nothing is in sync. It’s chaos.

12noon. Apologising profusely to people who are elbowing you in the face, you decide that you don’t care…

Using Sketchapp? Download 3 fully customisable Christmas Mockups here!

As a self declared app designing nerrrd, I feel the moment of pure delight captured in this video must be shared. Producing marketing material for your beautiful app should be an enjoyable process that evokes feelings of appreciation and job satisfaction as you watch your app screens “working it” in your mockup surrounds.

For most, the Magic Mirror plugin has eliminated the need to swap over to photoshop to create these mockups. The experience of minimising sketch, clicking photoshop and inevitably sighing as it takes ages for photoshop to even open is not one that will be missed. Not…

Irish. Craic. Alcohol. Friendly. Crazy. Craic.

That’s the stereotype. Recent antics at the Euro’s in Paris have poured it into concrete to be wondered at for generations to come. If you don’t know what i’m referencing, please get youtube-ing at your earliest convenience.

But how stereotypical and predictable are other trends within this little gem of a country?

Just the other day my mother (typical Irish mammy — but that’s another blog entirely) waved her smart phone in the air and asked:

“How do I check my balance?” When greeted with a hesitant silence (that was me: I am guilty)…

Eating my wheetabix and flicking through radio stations I hear “waterproof watch”. Continuing to flick, (because it’s too early in the morning to make any sort of long term commitment) I swear I hear the phrases “1000 knits is a lot of knits” and “render 400 flying monkeys”. Convinced the lack of coffee is the reason for things not making sense I make my way out the door.

Passing the newspaper stand, i spot the headline “Rolex fears apple watch will take the top spot”. Rolex? Fearing things?

The train is full of grown ups chatting about playing Super Mario…

You were called a spacer in school, always daydreaming. You were a textbook night owl in college, bulldozing through your work at 2am and sleeping through all your morning lectures.

Creativity is unconventional. It lives outside the box and it flourishes in the rarest of environments. When your working day involves being creative, research proves that you will actually perform best when your inhibitions are lowered and you are unable to focus clearly.

Here are 4 tips to achieve this heightened state of creativity:

1. Watch that one last episode on Netflix before going to sleep. Nail down that guaranteed…


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