Microsoft Wants Developers to take apps on Universal Windows Platform

Key Highlights

  • Microsoft Introduced UWP (Universal windows Platform) for developers
  • There will be one API surface for all the devices
  • There will be only one store for all windows devices
  • In windows 10 an app will run from mobile to PC

Mobile app world is heated up with the competition and every single day all are working to create something innovative. Whether it is application or platform all are putting their effort to upgrade their service by adding new and enhanced features. It seems like there is wind going on right now of transforming the services with creative technology.

Microsoft seems to take steps under new strategies in order to attain more users and draw market under its services. Recently Microsoft shares about its new enhancement in the app development . Universal Windows Platform (UWP), its new technique Microsoft is going to implement in development infrastructure of windows app.

What is UWP?

WIth this structure that windows support developer don’t need to make any modification in source code and the app will run on any windows device.

What will Developers get?

Before this idea developers need to work on two projects while developing a window app , one for windows 8 and other windows phone 8. Along with these they also need to make some changes in the source code and UI for other window devices. Now there is only option with window 10 and only one project will do it all.

Developers don’t need work in different coding language only familiar languages with one time programming will required to deploy the app to all the devices at once.

  • Benefits to the developers
  • Need less coding
  • Same view works on all the devices
  • Can sell universal app through app store

Future of UWP

Its pretty much clear Microsoft have tighten its seat belt and planning to come up with some strong ways. However right now it’s not possible say exactly about this program by Microsoft surely have high hopes with this . Mobile phones are the major element in this campaign , so the company will focus on mobile centered app through it. UWP is very effective with its benefits and developers will definitely appreciate it.

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There are some obstacle you may came across in UWP inspite of it alluring advantages

Some platform dependent code still be needed as it’s that simple as it looks, choosing between similar API’s and universal apps.

Although you don’t need any modification for the view in different devices but still you need to improvise some things in order to serve finest experience to the users.

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Originally published at on May 16, 2017.