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5 Hiking Destinations Near STL

The trees are starting to bloom and the temperatures are rising. After staying in the past few months of winter, it’s a great time to get out and enjoy nature. Here are some destinations close to MBU to let your adventurous spirit wander.

Chubb trail

Eureka (32 min. drive from MBU)

Only half an hour away lies the Chubb Trail. This destination offers glimpses of the Meramec river, steep climbs, occasional drop-offs and narrow switchbacks. Not recommended for one-time hikers, the seven-mile trek challenges you with various conditions and the option for an additional three mile loop on to Flint Quarry Trail.

Wilderness Trail

Sullivan, Mo. (30 min. drive from MBU)

Thinking you’d like to completely go, “off the map?” A short car ride away and you can land yourself immersed in trees and wildlife. The St. Louis Wilderness trail. offers a little over eight miles of untouched land and a multitude of wilderness surprises. The trail is often only marked by frequent visitors and allows for freedom of exploration.

River Bluff Trail

Oakville (27 min. drive from MBU)

Needing a short hike before finals? Minutes away lies Cliff Cave Park, home to the River Bluff Trail. The two-mile hike features expansive views of the Mississippi River and plenty of wooded scenery to fulfill your nature cravings.

The Ozark Trail (Eleven Point Section)

Winona, Mo. (2 hrs. 52 min. drive from MBU)

Ready to filter your own water, pack for days and sleep under the stars? The Ozark Trail has not only become a nationally recognized outdoors brand, but is ranked as a top backpacking spot in the midwest. The featured Eleven Point Section boasts sky-width vistas and rugged camping posts along its 29 miles. Expect fishing ponds, swimming holes and steep climbs. Want to shorten the ride? Take advantage of trailheads and loops throughout to bring you back to civilization.

Spring Valley Trail

Oakville (25 min. drive from MBU)

Described as a 2.6-mile “lollipop loop,” the Spring Valley Trail is another way get your nature fix. The trail takes hikers by a historic cave, wildlife-filled ponds and deep valleys. This trail also ties into Cliff Cave, which features 100-foot climbs and over 4,000 miles of undocumented trails with varying levels of difficulty.

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