Serving in Guatemala: A Photo Story

Some college students take the summer to relax, go on vacations or hang out with friends and family. However, some choose a different path. Here’s a visual story of student Damaris Wyand’s journey to serving others with an MBU mission team in the village of Los Chilitos, Guatemala.

This was in the village, where we played with the kids. Mostly we played in the road, doing soccer, crafts, and painting nails.
This was in a town close to our hotel. We had to stop here to get the bus fixed when a belt broke. We made the most of the situation by going up on this bridge for this view.
The trip was life changing. Although the people live in poverty, they are so generous with the little that they do have. Seeing how they are able to live in such conditions and still have joy changed my perspective.
These children were holding tissue paper flowers that we made for them to give to the mothers of the village in celebration of Mother’s Day.
The team
We worked with the children, playing games and teaching bible stories. We also went to a gathering for the youth of surrounding villages to present the gospel, share testimonies and worship songs.
A group of girls from a youth gathering.
“In no other place have I felt such peace and belonging. We were created for a purpose.”
Enjoying the sights in Antigua.
On the last day, we went sightseeing in Antigua. The city was very beautiful, especially from the lookout point where this picture of me was taken.
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