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I don’t typically play mobile games. I decided to change that, and play one of the top free mobile games from the Google Play Store. Blowing off some time between classes I played Flip Diving. This game ranked at #4 on the top free mobile games chart. The controls are simple. Press and hold the screen to get the diver into position, release to initiate the jump. Press and hold again to start tucking (to flip faster) and release to straighten for a dive. After five minutes I got the hang of it, but I think I’ll stick to my custom built desktop when I actually find time to game.

diver getting into position

Mind Map (image)

As an aspiring computer scientist, I often find myself breaking down problems into sub-problems. I applied this strategy to my mind map by trying to break down the topic of “Health & Well-Being” into sub-topics. I first started with Health, and found associated words by thinking about other words I often hear with the word, Health. Physical health and mental health instantly came to mind. I realized mental and physical health were on an individual level and after thinking outward and on more of the well-being side, discovered my third subtopic, Social Well-Being. From there, I continued to sub categorize until I felt the topics were getting too specific. One thing I found interesting was I put the topic of stress very late into my mind map. I placed it near mental and directly connected the two nodes, but after pondering about not only where stress actualized, but what stress affected, I realized that almost all of my nodes are affected or effects of stress.

Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes

Taking the stairs — this theme interest me because many health campaigns suggest using stairways instead of the elevator will benefit your health. Obviously, it will burn more calories, but I think it should be an example of a possible ways for people to exercise without straying too far from their daily agenda nor even thinking twice about it.

Music Therapy — I have a friend in pharmacy school that suggested playing audio over whatever else you’re listening to. They’re called binaural beats which play sound waves at specific frequencies and have suggested health benefits. There are other forms of audio therapy that is definitely worth checking out.

Body Communication — one interesting fact I took away from the AP Psychology class I took in high school was researchers suggest up to 93% of daily communication is nonverbal. Facial emotion, tone of voice, and a million other factors are incorporated into receiving a message from another human being. If we could figure out ways to more effectively share our thoughts and ideas with others we could have enormous insights into emotions, mental illness, and treatment of others.

10 Silly Ideas

Bluetooth toaster, tells you when its done and tracks data on previous toasts
Rotating Dish Rack, automatically rotates for rinsing hand-washed dishes
Shot Dispenser, Dispenses single U.S. sized shot of liquor (1.5 oz, insert bottle of choice)
Surfboard with Jetski Engine, only for the most gnarly of shredders
Liquid & Alcohol Measuring Cup with Temperature Control, reads current volume and alcohol content and can heat or cool your beverage
Xbox with Doritos & Mountain Dew Dispenser
Invisible Ink only visible through specially designed contact lenses
Analyzes your stool and provides suggestions based on results. WebMDump may be patented.
Wheels house themselves in the sole when boost mode is not engaged from a remote.
By radiating your dishes long enough, your leftover meal will fall right off under hot water. Completely sanitary and cancer free.
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