This ‘Equity’ picture is actually White Supremacy at work
Sippin the EquiTEA

I had to think about it for a moment, but then totally got it. The people in the photo should all be the same size. What needs to be changed is the ground or the fence. These represent the systemic barriers that oppress certain groups of people and not others. Our question should not just be “what can we give people of color to make them fit appropriately in the world we (white people) have created,” but rather “how can we value the gifts, skills, assets, abilities, etc. of people of color and change these systems/environments/policies/etc. so that we really are playing on the same field?” I don’t think it’s bad to address certain issues with aid (SNAP benefits, affirmative action, etc. — seen by some as welfare taken advantage of), but there’s a lot more intentional and deep work to be done to change embedded systems and structures that go beyond assistance programs and policies.