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Clinton has made it 100% clear she believe the Supreme Court got the decision wrong on the Heller case. That decision was about one issue and one issue only. That being if law abiding citizens should be allowed to possess firearms inside their domicile. If she believes that is not a right that means she doesn’t believe anyone should be allowed to possess a firearm for any reason.

Over the history of the United States (the last 240 years) 200,000,000 people have been killed by governments in Europe alone (44 times that all combined violent acts that end in death of the United States). There is one exception to that in Europe, Switzerland. They are fairly homogeneous and armed to the teeth! The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was ratified because our founders knew governments were the greatest threat and the worst mass murderers of them all! Case in point King George III used cannons against his unarmed subjects around the world!
That being said crimes are not committed against the victims they are violations of laws. Violation of those laws is expressing contempt for the right of government rule. Criminals are charged with violating laws but Self defense is YOUR responsibility as well as your right and the police/Law Enforcement MAY assist you if they are not busy at that moment.
The SCOTUS decision of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales makes it clear that Law Enforcement has no obligation to protect property or life. That is your job, not theirs! If you decide not to use a weapon to defend yourself that is on you, don’t impede my right to defend myself with the weapon of my choice.

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