Mobile app development trends in 2020
Mobile app development trends in 2020

Top 5 Emerging Mobile App Development trends in 2020

When the world is moving towards digitization, mobile apps are gaining incredible traction and are becoming an indispensable part of the digital system. Mobile applications have come a long way from technological innovation to one of the essential tools for building a modern business.

According to the recent “We are social” report, done in cooperation with Hootsuite, people will spend more time online with mobile than with any other devices. 90% of this time people use mobile applications.

The advent of advanced technologies has greatly affected the mobile app development industry — 5G Technologies, chatbots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile wallets, Wearables etc. These technologies are to continue mobile app development after the storm in 2020. A lot of tech giants have invested heavily in the mobile app development industry in the last few years.

Currently, 2.1 billion people worldwide own a smartphone, and as reported by Touchpoints- Statistics also show that 90% of mobile time is spent on applications.

According to Statista, the mobile app development revenue is expected to soar to $581.9 billion this year. This is a $120-billion increase compared to 2019.

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Source:- Statista

This record is unbelievable but true.

We are going to discuss the current mobile app development trends, which you need to look forward to in 2020 -

5G Wireless Technology -

The rollout of 5G will have a significant impact on the app trend of 2020. 5G wireless service is not only one of the top technological trends in mobile app development but is also highly influential in the upcoming years. Speed ​​and efficiency will be significantly improved. 5G is expected to deliver a 10x reduction in latency, increasing network efficiency, and traffic capacity. Undoubtedly, the speed of the 5G network will be 100 times faster than the 4G network.

Apart from the high speed, the 5G wireless services also cater to other functionalities such as:

3D gaming

Augmented Reality

Data security


Industry experts are betting high on 5G technology. Spending on 5G infrastructure is estimated to reach the US $ 2.3 billion by 2021.

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Source:- Statista

With such a broad scope of 5G services, app developers need to design apps accordingly, so that the user can take advantage of faster network speeds for better performance.

AI & Machine Learning-

AI and ML are among the top trends in mobile application development over the years. The focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to be a priority in app development. Both businesses and consumers are adopting AI tools to make their work and life more comfortable.

The researchers predict that by the year 2024, the Artificial Intelligence market will be worth $ 191 billion.

Subsequently, more industries are seeking to add the system with human intelligence. With the combination of IoT and AI, you do not need to tap your fingers to complete a task. You can relax and simultaneously AI controls your devices, homes, automobiles, etc. itself.

AI applications vary depending on the context. IT can be a speech recognition feature, a smart filter applied in the camera, or an automatic assistant that is setting the camera before taking a shot. Apple’s Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are among the most well-known examples of AI-powered mobile apps. Still, the potential for AI applications in custom mobile app development is countless.

In fact, According to IDC, more than 75% of workers using ERP solutions will now leverage AI’s capabilities to expand their efficiency in the workplace.

Some of the Examples of AI features that can be implemented into a mobile app include:

Image recognition

Face detection

Text and image classification

Sentiment recognition and classification

Speech recognition

Predictive maintenance

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI market will experience revenue growth of more than $47 billion by 2020.

Mobile Wallet: Game Changer of Mobile Banking-

The hike in online banking and eCommerce has added to the remarkable growth in online payment options available to all users. And with the advent of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, customers are slowly moving to mCommerce.

Additionally, in mobile wallets, encrypted security ensures the security of users’ money. The trend in mobile wallets is accelerating due to the increase in online payment systems as faster and more secure channels are needed for money transactions. In short, the mobile wallet market should double in the coming years.

According to a recent report, there was $6.1 billion worth of transactions from mobile wallets in 2019. It is expected to reach $13.98 billion by 2022.

Multinational brands like Samsung, Apple, and Google are using mobile wallets to serve their users with a secure and convenient platform for money transactions and bill payments.

In a survey conducted by, 13% of US smartphone users claim to use Apple Pay, 24% to Walmart Pay, 5% say they use Samsung Pay and 7% use Android Pay.


In the mobile app world, chatbots have already handled various communication aspects. Part of this is linked to the requirement for real-time interaction between customers and service providers.

The global chatbot market is growing at a rate of 24% each year. It is expected that in 2020 all 25% of customer service technology interactions will be facilitated by virtual assistants.

By 2020, 80% of enterprises expected to use chatbots and users appreciated quick and precise answers.

According to a recent survey, 36% of Americans claim that a chatbot has been used to interact with the company in 2019.

With the popularity of Facebook Messenger, the use of chatbots on mobile is increasing, as Messenger is commonly used as a standalone app with over 1.82 billion people worldwide.

Chatbots will be delivering $8 billion in cost savings by 2022. ~ Gartner

According to industry experts, people will interact with businesses through chatbots by around 85% by 2020. Ultimately, this innovation reduces the human weakness of being tired after offering 24 × 7 services.

The use of chatbots will increase in 2020. Stats show that bots will be readier to match human behaviour and provide relative services in 2020.

According to Global Market Insights, by 2024, the global market size for chatbots will be over the US $ 1.34 billion.

Also, mobile apps are working on integrating chatbots into their apps, with services such as online shopping, food delivery, and cab services. It will help customers to solve their frequent queries by calling without customer support.

Wearable Devices: must-have accessory of future -

You have already seen wearable devices in the market. Wearable technology has been trending upwards for years now. There are some namely trackers, fitness bands, smartwatches, and smart rings. These wearable have changed the way we interact with smart devices. Wearable technology is growing progressively worldwide. Take a look at this graph of eMarketer about the penetration of wearables in the United States.

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According to Statista, the number of connected wearable devices reached 453 million in 2017 and is expected to reach 929 million by 2021.

With the advancement of technology, we can expect wearable applications to become the most important part of our routine. Smart Glasses are incorporating Android and can work with Alexa, which are already available on the market (such as Vuzix). AR supporting glasses can be useful for navigation, mechanical problem solving or drone piloting. The demand for wearables is continuously growing.

According to Statista, about 25% of adults in the USA will use some wearable devices by 2022. There’s no wonder; wearables are among the top mobiappz development trends.

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Source: Statista

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