Android Libraries That Make Mobile Application Development fun For the Developers

We all know that Android has taken the complete mobile industry by a strong wave and it actually made smart phones so affordable. Today we can see smart phones in everybody’s hand. As per the market statistics around 80 percent of the market share is held by Android devices and it clearly shows the dominance.

The main reason for this much success of Android platform was because it was an open source platform. It did not provide much support to the developers when compares to iOS and also it had very few features to offer for android mobile application development. However, today the framework is filled with so many functions and features that is giving pleasant experience in developing applications.

Today we will discuss about top Android libraries that every Android application development company should know about.


Retrofit is the best solution when the developer is planning to implement REST APIs. It converts the developed REST API into Jave interface and it has been considered as the simplest yet powerful solution to organize API calls in a project.

The best part of the library is addition of methods and URL with annotations that helps in understand the codes and make it readable. There is no need of any parsing of the codes as it has default parser called Gson.

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