Hybrid versus Native Mobile App Development

What are Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps?
We call a mobile app to be a native one when it is developed specifically for a mobile OS.The all is developed within the parameters of the respective OS and hence performs better with a feel good factor attached with it. A hybrid mobile app on the other hand is one which is developed out of the basic framework of an OS and is mostly a web based application wrapped up within the native container.

Some Debates Whether to Make a Hybrid or a Native Mobile Application
There are always these questions whether one must go for a hybrid or a native app development. These are: -

(1)Does The App Require Native Features?
The mobile app developer must enquire whether the app to be made will be using the majority of the features from the native OS of the mobile platform. If positive then a native format is the best one. Whereas an app which do not require an access to the inbuilt features of an OS can be built on hybrid mobile app development system.

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