Mobicip — Parental Controls for Internet Safety

Mobicip (pronounced mo-be-sip) is named after mobile CIPA. CIPA stands for Children’s Internet Protection Act, a regulation by the US government that mandates secure internet access when provided by public schools or libraries. In the dark days before smartphones and tablets, the founders had a vision that education is going to be transformed by ubiquitous always-on mobile technology in the hands of K-12 students. And so Mobicip was born, with a mission to create and foster the safe use of technology for learning. A million downloads, five years, and petabytes of usage later, we believe the vision has come full circle as the world as we know it, and not just education, has been transformed.

Setup and enable Mobicip on your family’s mobile devices and computers. Then remotely manage your settings, monitor internet and app usage from an easy web-based Monitor dashboard.

Mobicip uses a sophisticated filtering algorithm to keep your family secure. Based on a combination of database lookup, safe search enforcement, and dynamic just-in-time-analysis, the filtering provides unmatched protection that is constantly evolving with the changing internet.

Stay in touch with your family’s internet and app usage instantly from the Monitor app. Review usages, apps, and requests and respond instantly from your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone.

You can now review what apps are being used on each of your devices. Instantly review the rating, price and category of the app on the App Store. Keeping up with your kid’s apps just got that much easier!

Review detailed reports of browsing history online, via Monitor app, or reports emailed to you (on designate) on a regular basis. All of this without even touching the devices.

When content is blocked, user can disagree and request an override. Simply review and allow or reject the request from your account.

Set time limits for internet usage for each user profile. When a user attempts to access the internet, you’ll see the attempt in the browsing history reports.

Customize your internet filtering in 3 ways. Allow/block domains or websites, customize categories that should be allowed for each user profile, or blacklist specific phrases or keywords. Create an internet experience for your family that you’re comfortable with.

Setup the user profile at the ‘Monitor’ level. This will ensure the user has unrestricted internet access, with the caveat that all usage is being captured and reported.

Challenged by the plethora of devices and computers in your family? Download on your Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers. Use one account to manage and secure all the devices in your household.

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