How to find and recruit software engineers on Github and StackOverflow

get suited and booted with the free training course at the link below

From time to time, I like to use the wonderful tech created by Articulate (RISE, specifically) to create training courses for my team at Grab. Here’s an example that I think will be useful for anyone who is trying to recruit top software engineering talent using methods other than Linkedin.

If you want to know the insider secrets of hiring using StackOverflow and Github, here you go. Try the training course out using your phone or tablet. If you share this post I’ll put more training courses up.

Course Aims

Learn what GitHub and Stackoverflow are, and how they are different

Experiment with new ways to differentiate your pitch

Identify new candidates on these sites

Find the tools to widen out profile information with contact info

Expected results

Increase pipeline of people who code

Higher recruiter confidence in contacting techies

Course difficulty: Intermediate

Course length: 20 minutes

I can’t embed the link on Medium, so it’s just here CLICK TO BEGIN.

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