The robots are coming to Asia, but can they brew tea? [VIDEO]

What an interesting week it’s been. Not only did I get the chance to meet some enchanting and delightful HR types, career coaches, and neuroscientists at the HRM Asia Recruiting Show, I was invited to do a voice over for Mindshare, about top trends in Asia in Digital Marketing.

You’ll notice I put on my best Radio 2 voice.

The funny thing about “Marketing Trends” like this, is that most of them are actually social truths. Art imitates life. Only now it happens much, much faster.

As a youngster I never imagined (but I did dream) I’d be fetching Pokemon using mixed reality. Back in my day we cared for pixelated electronic Tamagochi [pictured below] which seem positively analog by comparison. The social truth here is that people enjoy caring for cute pets.

I could never have imagined, that the popularity of pictures and fans on a social media site would impact my ability to recruit talent. I began my recruitment advertising journey by submitting newspaper small-ads via fax machines. The social truth here is that people are visual creatures and want to see what their workplace is like before accepting a job.

The recent popularity of Chatbots is simple to understand. The social truth is that people are quite impatient and want to be heard, and find answers instantly.

However delightful, complicated, or frightening the near future might look to some of us, no matter how many videos are published, talking about marketing trends… the more things change, the more they stay the same and every technology innovation is driven by human behavior.

My parting thought for you is this. Will our new robot overlords be able to make an adequate cup of Darjeeling tea?

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