Twitter Moments for Tourism, Storytelling

Dr. Eckard Ritter
Oct 7, 2016 · 2 min read

Social media is ubiquitous in tourism, and so is storytelling. Twitter Moments, now open to everyone, lets both travelers and vacation providers pick the cool stuff about destinations, attractions and adventures, repackage it and author “social stories”.

A new feature, Twitter Moments, had already launched a year ago, but was only available to Twitter publishers and select media partners. Now, it’s open to the public:For everyone who wants to make a Moment — starting today you can! (28 Sep 2016).Here’s how to create a Moment. And here’s our example page with 12 fresh German or bilingual Moments.

Other than with Twitter Collections, a user’s Moments are displayed on the profile. Additionally, like Twitter Collections, Moments can be embedded on web pages. A Moment can accommodate numerous tweets, but only a maximum number is shown on the embedding page. A the the bottom of the Moments embed there’s a link to the full Moment, displayed on Twitter. More about Moments.

We have experimented on how to use Twitter Moments for tourism curation and marketing. The problem with tourism marketing: the Internet is spammed with content solely created for SEO purposes. Yet tourists want to read and see what real travelers experienced at the destinations of interest, find fun and unique places and share their experiences back.

Twitter has billions of tweets, but up to now there was no way to curate Tweets across multiple accounts and from fragmented timelines. Moments, Twitter offers a great feature to curate and share short-form content without relying on third party tools. Plus, to boost the number of impressions earned outside Twitter, Moments can be embedded just like tweets.

Examples: this landing page of a German vacation home provider displays two embedded Twitter Moments, on the Isle of Juist and on the Wadden See at North Sea coast, a UNESCO World Heritage region. More examples:

Example for a Twitter Moment: Festival of Lights, Berlin, 2016

(orginally published on LinkedIn Pulse)

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