Making A Choice Between Web App And Mobile App For E-Commerce Success

With the rising popularity and adoption of smartphones, having a mobile presence has become imperative for e-commerce success. Not only is the customer base huge in the mobile space, but chances of conversion are high too. The reason is that nothing matches the convenience of picking up your smartphone and ordering a product with just a few clicks. Thus mobile market presents huge prospects for the e-commerce industry. However, the competition out there is daunting. Sellers have to make sure that they capitalize on the audience so that they are able to sustain in the market. A robust m-commerce strategy has to be chalked out to bridge the gap between the web and the mobile. 

If you already have a web store running for your business, the next step is to invest in a Mobile Web App or a mobile e-commerce website. You can pick one of these or go for both, depending upon your budget and the scale of your business. A comparison between the two would enable you to make the decision for getting the best results.

Mobile Application: The Complete M-Commerce Solution
Mobile apps have changed the face of retail e-commerce as they have proved to be the source of booming online sales in the current scenario. Your web and mobile application development company would recommend this choice for winning the m-commerce game. Here are some big benefits that a smartphone app can fetch for your online business:

  • The shopping experience offered by these dedicated apps is rich and unmatched. It encompasses outstanding features such as one-touch access, in-store engagement, personalized shopping experience with push notifications, easy and secure payments, and much more.
  • E-Commerce apps facilitate easy integration with loyalty and reward programs, which go a long way in winning over customers. They can be used to give special in-app deals and offers to have customers back for repeated purchases.
  • Another benefit of adopting these apps is that it empowers your business with reliable data that can be used for making data-driven business decisions. These apps come with unparalleled analytics capabilities that offer a deep understanding of customer behavior and give you a marketing edge.
  • Smartphone applications serve as a powerful branding tool as they have a permanent place on the customer’s mobile screen.

E-Commerce Web App: The Easy Switch 
Undoubtedly, opting for mobile web development is the easiest way to make a the m-commerce switch. Having such a website for your store means that you can reach the smartphone shoppers without actually having to build a dedicated app for the same purpose. Here are the benefits of such websites:

  • Like e-commerce apps, these websites offer an amazing customer experience as they give an omnichannel reach.
  • They enable you to extend your reach to the huge pool of smartphone shoppers waiting to be explored.
  • Mobile-friendly websites are SEO friendly and ensure a high ranking for your web store, as per the latest Google algorithm. This translates into higher traffic, increased sales, and greater visibility for your brand.
  • These serve as a cost-effective solution in comparison to mobile apps. Having a responsive website enables you to deliver an excellent cross-device experience rather than going through the hassle of managing multiple sites.

Having a mobile presence has become an e-commerce essential today. Whether to have a website or app is a decision that depends upon your budget and requirements. Those who can afford should opt for the combination of the two so that they get the best m-commerce results. Also, it is important to avail the best mobile and web application services to get reliable solutions.

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