Comparison of iOS and Android Performance

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There’s no secret in the revenue of Android & iOS in the mobile industry. Apple mightn’t have expected that we will have a bestselling record in 2014, but the Apple achieved the bestselling record of 74.5 million handsets and $51.2 billion of revenue to their basket. By leveraging alone from iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus, they received this overwhelming success. In 2014, Android didn’t have a record- breaking revenue in 2014 like iOS, but it managed to have attractive apps. Android accounts more than 1 billion smartphones out of 1.28 billion currently active smartphones.

As you see, both iOS and Andorid platforms are similar, but coming to app downloads, Google Play has shown massive growth in 2014 compared to the App Store. According to the International Data Corporation’s report, there were around 334.4 million smartphones shipped by vendors across the world in the first quarter of 2015, but that is 16.0% higher than the first quarter of 2014 (288.3 million units) and 11.4% lower than the last quarter of 2014 (377.6 million smartphones). Simultaneously, the number of app users, and Android and iPhone app development company in London, New York and across the world has increased considerably.

Android ruled the market with 78.0% share, with the help of Samsung and other companies like Micromax, HTC, Lenovo, LG and Xiaomi. They managed to increase its large amount of sales and product portfolio, by focusing on creating and offering low and midrange smartphones.

iOS witnessed a slight fall in the shipment of smartphones, accounting only 18.3%, which is approximately 6.12 million smartphones. But Apple had a great success in terms of revenues by selling large screen size iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in its key market China.

According to a recent study, in 2015, there is a huge difference between the revenue of iOS and Android. In the revenue, iOS stands first as Android stands first in app downloads. As the population increases year by year, smartphone buyers are increasing in all the countries. The users of Android apps are increased massively, so Google growth is decided in the emerging countries like Brazil, UK, India, Turkey and Indonesia. With the increase of Android app users, Android apps development company in London, Bangalore and California are growing at a rapid speed.

Comparing iOS and Android in the revenue, iOS revenue is 70% higher than Google play in 2015, from 60% in Q3 of 2014. In downloads, Google Play is around 70% higher than App Store’s downloads, from 60% in Q3 2014.

China, a Large Market of Apple

In china, there is a high demand for large screen mobiles, especially for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Apple is the highly demanding mobile brand in china, which earned almost $16 billion revenue during the first quarter of 2015. Apple is now the top smartphone manufacturer and vendor in China, by surpassing Samsung and holding back the emerging, Xiaomi. China now ranks number 1 in using Apple phones by overtaking the United State, which has happened mainly because of the iPhone game and app downloads.

Where are the most revenue coming from?

Gone are the days when called ‘the world is now an app world”, but now it is called “the world is gaming world”. Game downloads has increased at both Google Play and App Store. Apps with Gamification concept are also very much popular now a days.


iOS and Android are strong competitors. If Android is higher in app downloads, iOS is higher in revenue generation, whereas we don’t have strong evidence to tell ultimate winner, we should wait until who will become the leader in both revenues and downloads.

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