iPhone Juice Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about buying a power bank for your iPhone.

What is it?

Let me google that for you :-p


mAh capacity

That’s how big the bucket is; how much water it can hold.

Say your iPhone battery had a capacity of 2000 mAh (it doesn’t), and your power bank had a capacity of 4000 mAh. Then you could charge your phone twice from the power bank.

Here’s the mAh of your iPhone:

iPhone Battery Capacity in mAh

Current Output

That’s how quickly the water flows out of the bucket.

Usually, your choices are 1Ampere (1A) or 2.1A. A power bank rated 2.1A will charge your iPhone faster. But it will also heat up your battery more than a 1A power bank would. And that could damage the battery. But will it?

Here is Apple’s 12W USB Power Adapter

Squint and peer to see “Output: [yada yada yada] 2.4A”

Image source: http://www.apple.com/power-adapters/

Now if you go here you’ll see this is compatible with all iPhones.

So it seems that a 2.1A power bank should do alright.

That’s all folks!

You are all set to buy a power bank.

  1. Go here (to Amazon). Fair warning: I’ll get paid if you click through and buy a power bank. But Amazon won’t charge you extra
  2. Do the math to see how many times want to charge your iPhone with the power bank
  3. Filter the ridiculously large list of power banks on “Battery Capacity”
  4. Look for something cool
  5. Buy it


Here’s a really cool power bank designed specifically for the iPhone.

Check it out here. Fair warning applies. :-)

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