What are the best app marketing practices?

Mobile app marketing is very different than website marketing. Below are 3 app marketing tips which I have created from my deep experience in app marketing, which will help you sell your mobile app in right way.

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Learn everything you can about your audience:

The important requirement to successful marketing is pitching the right product to the right people in the right way. You cannot market racing bikes to the pensioners, and you can’t market U.S targeted business apps in Brazil. First you need to learn whatever possible about your audience and from which place the customer will came.

Focus on the right users:

It’s very important that you should invest in marketing to users who are potential customers. First start with analysing the source from where users came from, determine the source that brings you users with long-term value, and give more focus to market there. And also find out from where most users came from and you need to think how you can reward them and remarket to them.

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Analyse the right metrics:

Mobile marketing is confusing because there are so many metrics you can measure. But you no need to track them all. In the initial step, analyse the following:

· Your users — How many users are there and who is having majority

· Time spent in app — how much time an average the users spend in your app

· Sessions — how much time the user actively spend using your app

· Sessions intervals — how much time they spend an average in each session

· Measuring this will help to better understand your apps usage and from this you can create strong marketing strategy.

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