5 Tips to Improve Social Media Engagement of your App.

In today’s digital world social media engagement is an important element to be considered by app developers. It is easier to market the apps with social components in it. App developers have to leverage the power of social media channels so that the app becomes a success. Many mobile apps are developed but most of them have very less customer engagement. In order to avoid that, it should be shared across various social media websites.

Social Media App

Here are 5 tips to improve social media engagement of app:

1.Build an app with social media integration

Apps with social media engagement gain high visibility than those with less engagement. A social app requires social interaction for proper functioning. Some of the game apps allow the player to invite friends to join him through social media channels. The main idea behind this is to invite other people and thereby make more people use the application. If your app is social media integrated, then you can easily connect your app with online friends and enhance the app’s promotion.

2. Incorporate logins through Facebook or Google Plus

It is highly beneficial for your app to have easy login through Facebook or Google Plus. It is convenient for users to login using any of these logins and it help to gain traction. It enables the users to share the app or in-app activities and invite friends to use it. It would be extremely beneficial for the app developers because social media logins can act as the best way to give publicity to the app.

3. Social media sharing within the app

It will help the user to share specific activity within the app to the public. For eg: You can share your score in the video game, Criminal Case among your friends on various social media channels. Instagram is integrated to Facebook. This allows you to upload your filtered photos to Instagram and share that on Facebook too. Social sharing shouldn’t be overbearing. Hence, app developers should pave attention in giving the most logical space for sharing within the app.

4. Build a community for your app

Once the application is launched, it takes time to gain the attention of the users. Every app will be targeting a set of audience. Therefore, the promotion of the app should be managed through social media channels. You can create a Facebook page or upload images to Instagram by back linking the contents to respective app or website. If you are running an offer or any sort of promotional activity, this information can be easily conveyed to your audience through these pages. That is most effective way of promotional activity conducted so far.

5. Impact of content marketing

The consistent approach towards creating quality content with well-managed SEO can act as a powerful tool for improving the brand awareness of your app. The content should be knitted in a way to suit the target audience. This helps in driving organic results for the users when they search in the App Store for the desired application.

Social media marketing is a new genre in the history of advertising. Keep these tips in your mind when you develop a social app with required sharing features.