Best Practice for developing a successful cross platform mobile apps

Businesses, small- and medium-sized, nowadays prefer to go for cross-platform mobile app development strategy for better branding and marketing. These apps need only one code base but can be used in multiple platforms. This looks good but the developers have to stick to some good practices in order to make the cross-platform app a success.

Cross platform app development provide great cost saving advantage by developing one application that run over multiple platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and others allows a single source development approach to deploy to Android and iPhone OS devices. High quality cross-platform mobile app has better performance and faster promotion and marketing as compared to any native applications.

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MobileAPPtelligence a cross platform app development company adhere to the following guidelines:

Incremental development cycles. We always minimize time to market and get the app to initial users for testing and support. As soon as the app attains beta, we launch it. We wait for feedbacks and make periodic updates solving the problems encountered.

Consistency. App must have steady performance in multiple platforms. This will lead to higher adoption.. Enterprise users usually don’t exceedingly explore an app they’ve downloaded for business reasons. Everything they need must be there in the first sight itself. Take care of the different screen sizes and ensure the data can be seen in all.

Consistency in business logic. Every enterprise app has a business logic and it should be maintained in all platforms for which the cross platform app is meant. Flows and navigation for main operations should be consistent. If the users change their device and use the app, there should be no need to learn new ways to use the functions of the app.

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Optimal performance of the cross platform app must be always optimal. Loading times must be short and memory footprint minimal, and refresh and navigation must be rapid. Tuning the application for higher performance is all the more important.

Integration with other smartphone services. App can be integrated with social media, photo apps, content management solutions, etc. Interactions with other apps will increase the use of your app.

Choosing the appropriate development technology, defining the user-experience, etc are also important practices in making a successful cross-platform mobile app.

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MobileAPPtelligence has a strong track record of creating powerful cross-platform mobile apps using Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, Rhomobile, and other cross-platform frameworks.Our years of experience and expertise in designing and developing engaging mobile applications positions us uniquely to serve your business needs better.


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