Opt for Hybrid App Development Model for reduced development cost and low turnaround time

Hybrid app, one of the best mobile app development technology is a combination of native and web applications. You write in Web programming languages, conforming to industry standards, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, and create packages.

Hybrid applications are actually embedded web applications in a container, which is actually a web browser, such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android (not Safari or Chrome). This mode of operation allows them to be present in the app stores.

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MobileAPPtelligence, hybrid application development company can develop hybrid apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrap it in a native application using platforms like Cordova. This will enable you to use any web-native framework you choose. Using Cordova, we can develop your hybrid app quickly. You can opt for any platform at any time. What is needed is only an adding line of code. Cordova also offers multitudinous plug-ins to make use of phone’s hardware features. We will make HTML, CSS and JavaScript local files, test them in the browser and then wrap them in a native web view with Cordova. We’ll also use native SDKs and development tools for this stage.

Our team also can use Titanium’s mobile tool set to simulate your hybrid app on the real platform, not in the browser. When this app is installed on the device, it won’t get wrapped into a web view, but gets interpreted by a Javascript engine (JavaScriptCore in iOS or Rhino in Android).

Hybrid app development wing of MobileAPPtelligence can also use hybrid development options such as Xamarin, Rho, Corona and MoSync as per your mobile strategy.

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Phonegap is one of those containers to compile your native application and web application. Powered by Adobe, the software is free and seems to provide a record of high quality. Our hybrid app develpmetn team has expertise in Phonegap too.

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If your mobile app development time and cost is a constraint then hybrid mobile app development is a good choice. It utilises the readily available development tools like HTML5, CSS, Angular JS, available with the mobile app developers. Hybrid app can be installed from an app store in exactly the same way as any other mobile app. Advanced hybrid app development provides stronger code for tighter integration between the app and device hardware. You should hire html5 developer having live projects in his belt.