Why one should go for native mobile app development while developing the product app?

For product app, user experience and performance both are key parameters. A native mobile app is an application program that is developed with the main intention of being used in a particular platform or device. Choosing native mobile application development model would be best when you have to use the native features of the smartphone like camera, GPS, map, etc.

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There are many with smart-phones in hand and they download your enterprise mobile app. But what if they just forget it after downloading it, or if they uninstall it sooner or later? To avoid such situations, one must be sure about the UI designs of mobile app, which should be capable enough to engage user. There are certain principles for mobile app development. Fortunately, now we have mobile app integrated development environment and simulators to ease the app development and testing process. Following are some of the key points -

One app, single objective must be your agenda. While developing mobile app, you should not try to make it a solution for many needs. Focus on offering with a single objective and create your mobile application around it.


Never just import, what you have already designed for one platform to other platform (iOS to Android, Web to iOS, Android to BlackBerry etc). Specialties of the target operating system should be taken into consideration. When you create big enterprise apps to be used in various platforms and devices, the level of standardization should be greater than in consumer apps. Cross platform app development thus is far critical than native apps. App will click only if it connects to end users.


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Mobile App Usage Stats 2015

According to a leading mobile analytics firm, mobile app usage continued to see significant growth year on year, with overall mobile app usage up by 72.5%. Top mobile app categories including shopping, utilities & productivity and messaging also saw more than 300% growth. With 51% of time spent on mobile devices in comparison to 42% on desktops / laptops by end users in United States, global companies are partnering mobile app development companies in India to develop mobile apps, which keep them ahead of curve.