Apple declared its most recent Mac Pro in the WWDC yearly convention back in June 2019. The latest Mac Pro replaces the prior version that Apple launched nearly seven decades back. The updated PC is all aluminum and sports a tower design with a grip on top for increased portability. The inner components are accessible from all four sides by getting rid of the side panels with a knob. Apple is offering numerous customization options, such as multi-core chips, which range from 8-cores to 28-cores. Additionally, it provides an updated heat sink for better heat dissipation, and subsequently, higher functionality.

Specifications & Features | Apple Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro

2019 has been a very hectic year for almost every smartphone manufacturer. Competition in each segment is at an all-time high with consumer demand and devices supply for every price-segment at a peak. And with the mid-rangers becoming the new flagships, 2019 brought about some very radical and some not-so-useful changes of these many new devices, and even fewer stand out from the competition. So, we have tried our best to list out the best phones of 2019 in each price bracket.

Best Budget Phone of 2019 (Under $150 | £115 | ₹10,000)

The sub $150 price-segment is by far the most competitive. There are many worthy adversaries like — Realme…

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