Signs Which Indicate That The Oestrogen Level Is Low In Your Body

Do you feel low every now and then? Do you keep on turning sides all throughout the night? You might blame your hormones for this. As you age, the level of female hormone — oestrogen starts declining. This, in turn, is the sign of approaching menopause. During the tester days, low oestrogen symptoms during perimenopause were common. However nowadays, they are visible much early also, thus making it important for us to know what is the leading cause of low oestrogen level.

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· DISAPPEARING PERIODS — Disappearance of periods is the first and the foremost sign of low oestrogen level in the body. You may sometimes notice a decline in the blood flow during your periods. It might also be possible that they may last for lesser days or may become more irregular than what it was earlier.

· HOT FLASHES & EXCESS SWEATING — This one is also one of the most popular perimenopause low oestrogen symptoms. While menopause has still not yet begun, you may start noticing hot flashes, a feeling of excessive heat. This is often experienced with excessive sweating, especially in the night.

· TROUBLE IN SLEEPING — Low oestrogen affects other hormone levels as well. It affects your sleep hormones too because of which your sleep enters the tossing situation. You may find it difficult to fall asleep or may wake up in the middle of the night and feel dull the next day.

· HAVING FREQUENT MOOD SWINGS — Oestrogen also messes up with your stress hormones. You start experiencing a lot of mood swings. You may feel extremely low, depressed and not able to do anything. You might start getting irritated frequently or become oversensitive to things. Being anxious is also a common symptom.

· FREQUENT HEADACHES — Low oestrogen level is the symptom of headaches and migraines. Low level of oestrogen gives rise to very many other bodily changes and frequent headache is one amongst them. If it is so with you, it is advisable to get your hormone test done at the earliest.

· MORE FORGETFUL — With the decrease in Oestrogen, your brain starts lacking the necessary hormone required to perform the functions efficiently. Therefore, you will start forgeting the things more easily than ever. You may also have difficulty in concentrating on your work and staying focused without feeling tired.

· DIFFICULTY IN LOSING WEIGHT — The decline in Oestrogen can also result from weight changes, bloating or water retention. These issues can very easily be noticed prior to your periods. In the same manner, low oestrogen levels can interfere with fat cells, increasing fat deposition and also cause more water retention.

Low oestrogen levels and weight gain are the two health issues that require much attention. If you have low oestrogen levels and weight gain, it is highly recommended to get your thyroid, diabetes and cholesterol checked as soon as possible. Low oestrogen levels are also linked with low calcium, which increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. The home phlebotomy services in Washington Metropolitan Area provides you with the test results in 24 hours of time. Identify the problem early and begin timely low oestrogen treatment.