Special wave to the holders of WMGO

Hello everyone and a special wave to the holders of Waves MGO tokens!

Let us first report that over 10,000,000 tokens have already been safely exchanged on MobileGo Swap, and that no issues have been detected in the process!

Just to remind you, about 3 weeks ago we launched MobileGo Swap, which is available here https://swap.mobilego.io/. The Swap is an application that Waves MGO holders can use to swap their tokens for Ethereum MGO.

As you might remember, during our ICO, MobileGo tokens were issued on two platforms that were popular at the time: Ethereum and Waves. With time, it became clear that Ethereum had a better adoption rate than Waves, and so our team decided to support Ethereum MGO only. In the future, all products as well as all exchange listings will use Ethereum MGOs. But we value all of our customers equally, which is why we decided it would only be fair to Waves MGO holders to allow them to exchange their tokens for Ethereum MGO at a 1:1 rate.

So, if you hold Waves MGO tokens, this is the time to check the Swap out to get all of them converted into Ethereum MGO. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Sign up and then log in to the app.
2. Enter the wallet address where you plan to receive your eMGO.
3. Copy the Waves address that the app will provide and send the desired amount of wMGO to that address.
4. Refresh the number of wMGO in the app, proceed to Withdraw, confirm the address where you will receive your eMGO.

This initiates the transaction. Within 24 hours, you will receive your Ethereum MobileGo tokens to the wallet address provided. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary, but the minimum amount that can be swapped equals 1/10 of the Waves MGO token.

So, if you hold Waves MGO, check Swap out, and join others who have already exchanged their tokens for Ethereum MGO. There is a help page with instructions available, but you can also ping us in the Telegram chat and ask questions.