Carefully curated news for Xamarin developers

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By @Laurent Bugnion

Xamarin (and before that, Mono) allowed .NET code to run on multiple platforms for years. These days, there’s a new push in cross-platform with .NET Core…


When considering iOS or Android app development, most of us think about Objective-C vs Swift, and Java first of all. Being considered native tech stacks…

When talking about app development today, the cloud is almost always part of the conversation.

By @Jayme Singleton

Xamarin development is constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of developers. To help you find the right resources for your development education…

By @Cameron…

Carefully curated news for NativeScript developers

Photo by David Rangel on Unsplash

As its name implies, NativeScript-Vue is a project that integrates Vue.js into NativeScript, allowing you to build completely native iOS and Android apps…

By @Veselina Radeva and Emil Tabakov

NativeScript 5.0 is here! Learn all about the amazing developer-focused productivity improvements like Hot Module Replacement, a new interactive CLI, and…

By @TJ VanToll

As you might imagine, Airbnb’s recent announcement about React Native piqued our interest on the NativeScript team. In this article we’ll walk through…

By @Sebastian Witalec

In NativeScript 4, we’ve introduced a way for you to places your app Navigation Component (i.e. …

Carefully curated news for ReactNative developers

By @Gabriel Pea

In 2016, we took a big bet on React Native. Two years later, we’re ready to share our experience with the world and show what’s next.

By @Spencer Carli

If you’ve looked at the results from The State of JavaScript 2017 you’ll find a ton of interesting data. One insight that stood out to me — a lot of people…

By @Words With Friends Engineering

By @Tasos Maroudas

By @Nicolas Couvrat

Discover how React Native functions internally, and what it does for you without you knowing it.

By @Gabriel Pea

The technical details

By @Jiří Otáhal


Carefully curated news for Flutter developers

By @Marco Bellinaso

Having created my first app using Flutter, I weigh up the…

By @Wm Leler

Many linguists believe that the natural language a person speaks affects how they think. Does the same concept apply to computer languages? Programmers…

By @Seth Ladd

Today, as part of Mobile World Congress 2018, we are excited to announce the first beta release of Flutter. Flutter is Google’s new mobile UI framework…

By @Guido Rosso

By @Filip Hracek

At Google I/O, Matt and I gave a talk about state management called Build reactive mobile apps in Flutter. …

Carefully curated news for Android developers

By @Sean McQuillan

Constraint Layout simplifies creating complex layouts in Android by making it possible to build most of your UI using the visual editor in Android Studio…

By @Irshad P I

By @Dan Rusu

This article looks at many categories of Java bugs that Kotlin prevents in addition to null safety. My first article provided a brief introduction to…

By @Dave Burke

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering

By @Shashank Sahay

Explore different notification models and when to use which

By @Chris Craik

To layout text on Android, the system does a lot of work. …

Carefully curated news for iOS developers

By @Rodrigo Cavalcante

Design Pattern is a common topic in talks, forums and even in a 15 min break conversation at work. You…

By @Musings.rand()

I’ve switched back-and-forth between iPhone and Android in the past and I’ve always felt the iPhone edged out any Android…

By @Nathan Gitter

How to create natural gestures and animations on iOS

By @Harshita Arora

I’ve been writing a fair bit on Medium recently, sharing valuable design and development knowledge I gained from working on my first app, Crypto Price…

Apple’s WWDC kicked off today with the usual keynote speech, but this one was packed…

Carefully curated news for PWA developers

By @Maximiliano Firtman

With iOS 11.3, Apple has silently added support for the basic set of new technologies…

By @Flavio Copes

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the latest trend in mobile application development using web technologies. At the time of writing (early 2018), they’re…

The process was both painful and enlightening. Here’s what I learned. First, you might wonder, “Why even put your app in the app stores? Just live on…

Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps. …

Carefully curated news for Ionic developers

Ionic Framework’s 4.0 Release Candidate is here

By The ionic team

By Max Lynch

At Ionic, we’re incredibly bullish on the future of the web on mobile: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). In this future, web developers are building quality…

In the first post in this series we looked at some of the new Angular 2 syntax and concepts, and now we are going to look at how that new syntax applies…


By @Max Lynch

In this article we’re going to build a simple weather forecast app with Ionic framework, an open-source front-end development kit for building cross-platform…

By Adam Bradley

By @Matt Kremer


Carefully curated news for ReactNative developers

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

By @Naomi Alterman

A pure JS+WebGL implementation of the canvas 2D API

By @Eric Samelson

Expo SDK v31.0.0 is based on the recently released React Native 0.57 “September 2018”. The previous…

By @JonnyBurger

By @Gant Laborde

Should I learn React Native or Native?

By @Stefan Knoch

Since a recent update of Expo, the Typescript…

Carefully curated news for Flutter developers

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

By @Marco Bellinaso

Having created my first app using Flutter, I weigh up the…

By @Marcelo Henrique Neppel

Building applications for smartphones and desktops with the Google framework.

By @Michael Thomsen

By @Chinmay Garde

This document describes an experiment in porting the Flutter engine to a target…

By @Didier Boelens

How to build a Match-3 game, like Candy Crush, Bejeweled, FishDom… in Flutter.

By @Wm Leler

The business case for Flutter

By @Andrea Bizzotto

By @Renan C. Araujo

Flutter is gaining space as a way to create apps, but……


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