Our 10 commandments @Mobile Hackers

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Jul 11, 2018 · 2 min read
  • We’ll never be on the Google Play or the App Store. Like Henrik Joreteg, we bet on the web 💯
  • We’ll never link to any non-HTTPS content, let’s encrypt exists and it’s free. Thank you Eric Rescorla, Peter Eckersley and Josh Aas.
    Edit: instead of continuing to miss trending content, we finally include non https content (with a worse rank) but show a non https red tag.
  • We’ll never send you any spammy email or ask you to subscribe to any newsletter because it’s definitely the old web for us🦕.
  • We’ll never display any ad or sponsored link because it’s a bad way to make money 👎
  • We’ll never rank links based on other things than the content or the user experience on the website.
  • We’ll never prefer animations over speed.️ Thank you Linode 🚀
  • We’ll never overcomplicate things and will always do our best to keep it simple
  • We’ll never go down, also if we are featured on Ryan Hoover or Steve Huffman’s sites*
  • We’ll never underestimate users with low connection speed 🐢⚡️
  • We’ll ever focus on our users 👩‍💼 🧔 👵 👴 👱‍ 🧕 👳‍ 🤵 👩‍⚖️

*not more than a few minutes 😅

👉 https://mobilehackers.io

Mobile Hackers.io

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Hybrid, Native and Progressive Web Apps developer news once a week. https://mobilehackers.io

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