ReactNative developer top news of 2018

Dec 23, 2018 · 17 min read

React Native at Airbnb

By @Gabriel Pea

In 2016, we took a big bet on React Native. Two years later, we’re ready to share our experience with the world and show what’s next.

How to Become a React Native Developer in 2018

By @Spencer Carli

If you’ve looked at the results from The State of JavaScript 2017 you’ll find a ton of interesting data. One insight that stood out to me — a lot of people…

Why & How Words With Friends Is Adopting React Native

By @Words With Friends Engineering

Build responsive React Native views for any device and support orientation change

By @Tasos Maroudas

Wait… What Happens When my React Native Application Starts? — An In-depth Look Inside React Native

By @Nicolas Couvrat

Discover how React Native functions internally, and what it does for you without you knowing it.

React Native at Airbnb: The Technology

By @Gabriel Pea

The technical details

Animated Transition in React Native!

By @Jiří Otáhal

Recently I’ve tried to get an inspiration for a next animation challenge. And here we go — created by Ivan Parfenov. I was curious if I am able to do this…

Sunsetting React Native

By @Gabriel Pea

Due to a variety of technical and organizational issues, we will be sunsetting React Native and putting all of our efforts into making native amazing.

Proton Native — React Native for the desktop


React Native: A retrospective from the mobile-engineering team at Udacity

By @Nate Ebel

State of React Native 2018

By @Sophie Alpert

It’s been a while since we last published a status update about React Native. At Facebook, we’re using React Native more than ever and for many important…

Should we use React Native?

By @Charlie Cheever

The big news in the React Native world this week was that Airbnb published a lengthy, five-part blog post announcing and explaining their decision to stop…

Why Discord is Sticking with React Native

By @Fanghao (Robin) Chen

Being one of the first apps built with React Native, we were excited to share our first…

Building Serverless Mobile Applications with React Native & AWS

By @Nader Dabit

In this post, we’ll look at how to build fully serverless & backendless mobile applications with AWS Amplify & React Native that include features like…

Exploring React Native Ecosystem — Tools, backend, database and best libraries

I have spoken to nearly a thousand developers and product makers about React native. From what I observed, very few actually knew about the diverse react…

Expo SDK v31.0.0 is now available

By @Eric Samelson

Expo SDK v31.0.0 is based on the recently released React Native 0.57 “September 2018”. The previous…

v3.1.0: A massive performance boost and streaming server-side rendering support

By @Evan Jacobs

A new CSS injection…

11 React Native Component Libraries You Should Know in 2018

By @Jonathan Saring

Useful React Native UI toolkits to use in…

Introducing Sideswipe: a cross-platform carousel for React Native

By @kurtiskemple

Introducing Vue Native

By @GeekyAnts

We at GeekyAnts are very excited to share one of our side projects which we have been working on for a while, Vue…

Super Cool Material UI components in React Native!

By @Victor K Varghese

Supporting React Native at Pinterest

By @Pinterest Engineering

Vivian Qu | Pinterest engineer, Growth

Facebook moving away from React Native?


ExpoKit 2019

By @Brent Vatne

And bringing Expo APIs to bare React Native

Building a Mobile App in 10 Days with React Native

By @Austin Hale

React native setup with redux and react-native-router-flux

By @Pratham Mehra

Ditching setState for MobX

By @Nader Dabit

How to leverage observables, observers, computed properties, autorun & more to supercharge & simplify your React workflow.

Your next React Native app will be done with Paper

By @Ferran Negre

Meet react-native-paper

Fluid Transitions with React Navigation

By @Christian Falch

5 Things to know about Images in React Native

By @William Candillon

The more I work with React Native images, the more I find it tricky. I wrote about Image Caching without Expo, and with Expo. In React Native Sketch Elements…

React Native Navigation (V2) by Wix — Getting Started

By @Nader Dabit

A first look at building React Native apps with React Native Navigation.

React Native Authentication in Depth

By @Nader Dabit

Implementing real world production tested multi factor authentication in a React Native application.

Flutter for React Native Developers

This document is for React Native developers looking to apply their existing React Native knowledge to build mobile apps with Flutter. If you understand…

Announcing Expo Dev Tools (beta)

By @Jimmy Lee

The features of a command line tool, with a browser experience for…

How To Build A Chat App With React Native

By @Evan Bacon

Let’s create a basic chat application that works on every iOS and Android device. To do this we will use a framework called Expo!

A complete guide to recording location data in React Native

By @Aryan Goharzad

Taming React Native’s ScrollView with flex

By @Peter Piekarczyk

Time and time again I find myself fighting a ScrollView to get it to work the way I want it to. Is it flex? Is it the ScrollView? It was time I wrote an…

How to build a nested drawer menu with React Native

By @Dhruvdutt Jadhav

Screen space is a precious commodity on mobile. The drawer menu (or “hamburger menu”) is one of the most popular navigation patterns that helps you save…

So You Want to Build a Bluetooth App with React Native and Expo

By @Adrian Carolli

A step-by-step guide by Adrian Carolli

unstated — The setState of React State Management

By @Nader Dabit

A new paradigm for React state management that is as new as it is old.

Expo CLI 2.0 released

By @Ville Immonen

Expo CLI 2.0 is the tool for building React Native apps with Expo. The command-line interface (building upon our previous work on exp and create-react-native-app…

Bootstrapping your React Native App

Well, hello there. This is my first post here at, and I am excited to be a part of your community. ? I have been playing around with React Native…

Install react-native-maps with Gradle 3 on Android

By @Moses Lucas

Flutter vs React Native- What You Need To Know. — Dmytro Dvurechenskyi from openGeeksLab — Medium

Flutter vs React Native- What You Need To Know. Modern popular mobile applications from time to time are needed in advanced tools for their implementation…

Instagram Clone (!) using Firebase, React Native & Expo.

By @Evan Bacon

TL;DR: Here’s the code

5 Best Practices for React Native Development You Probably Don’t Know

By @Deni Putra Perdana

Why React developers should modularize their applications?

By @Alexis Mangin

Problematic React Lifecycle Methods are Going Away in React 17

By @Adhithi Ravichandran

React Native vs. Native

By @Gant Laborde

Should I learn React Native or Native?

How I Reduced the Size of My React Native App by 86%

By @Aswin Mohan

How and Why You Should Do It

Replacing Redux with ReactN to reduce complexity and bundle size

By @Charles Stover

React Native & Firebase: Authentication

By @Faraz Amiruddin Ahmad

A quick guide that will get us up and running with Firebase’s Authentication in React…

React Native YouTube Replica

By @Marlon Decosta

Let’s Build YouTube

You are NOT a React Native noob 🙅

By @Ankita Kulkarni

Common React Native gotchas and concepts that will help you before…

Add App Icons and Launch Screens to React Native Apps (iOS & Android)

By @Scott Stewart

Recipes From Building Four React Native Apps With Expo

By @Ain Sal

Automating Standalone Expo App Builds and Deployments with Fastlane and Exp.

By @Mark Glagola

Expo is a fantastic toolset for bootstrapping React Native applications. If you’re an Expo user, you’re likely familiar with…

Lazy Bundle Loading in React Native 🔥

By @Karan Thakkar

A deep dive into Metro internals and the React Native iOS codebase 🐬

ARKit in React Native Tutorial: The Basics

By @Evan Bacon

By now you’ve probably seen some of the crazy things people…

Building a Minimalist Weather App with React Native and Expo

By @Aman Mittal

Hunting JS memory leaks in React Native apps

By @Krzysztof Magiera

At Software Mansion we are often asked by our clients to review their React Native…

How an Android developer dived into React Native and survived

By @Artem Kalachyan

React Native Animation Challenge #1

By @Christian Falch

After I published my library react-navigation-fluid-transitions a little over a month ago I’ve…

How To Master Advanced React Design Patterns — Compound Components

By @Shaun David Hutch

React Authentication in Depth

By @Nader Dabit

How to do implement world 2 factor authentication (both email and TOTP) using React, React Router, and Amazon Cognito

React/Redux Tips: Better Way to Handle Loading Flags in Your Reducers

By @Sam Aryasa

TLDR; Use a separate reducer to store all isFetching flags instead of polluting all of your reducers.

How to build a news app with React Native

By @Mohammed Salman

For my first post on Medium, and I wanted to share with you how I made a news app with…

ARKit Lighting & PBR in React Native

By @Evan Bacon

Making things look real!!

How to Develop a Location-based Application Using React Native

By @Django Stars

React Suspense with the Fetch API

By @Charles Stover

From the legend Dan Abramov himself, we receive such gems as “There is [no data fetching solution…

React, TypeScript and defaultProps dilemma

By @Martin Hochel

a.k.a. “Solving a million dollar problem”

Building AI Enabled GraphQL Applications

By @Nader Dabit

How to use GraphQL to map to AWS Lambda functions that work with AI services.

Creating and opening your react-native project in Android studio (for Mac)

By @Nevin Kuser

I’m going to share exactly how to get your app up and running. There are a lot of places to get lost and confused on your first project, I will cover those…

Translate your Expo (React Native) mobile application

By @Jan Mühlemann

Learn how to translate your mobile application…

Find your love language with Expo 💜

By @James Ide

This Valentine’s day, discover the ways we feel uniquely…

Great Youtube series called “Can it be done in React Native?”

React Native FAQ

By @Gant Laborde

Hello, Player 1! I can see you’re eager for the promised land of React Native, and all the cross-platform promises that come with…

So You Want to Build a Chat App with React Native, Expo and Microsoft’s Bot Framework

By @Adrian Carolli

Progressive Image Loading in React Native

By @Spencer Carli

Internet connection speeds are variable, especially when you’re working with mobile…

Intro to Gestures in React Native

By @Spencer Carli

In this tutorial we’ll be learning to add gesture handling to a React Native app via PanResponder. In a previous tutorial I walked through building a basic…

Animated Graph in React Native

By @Jiří Otáhal

Recently I was looking for a React Native graph library for my app. During the research, I…

React Native SoundCloud Replica

By @Marlon Decosta

Animation + Navigation

Building a Coffee Map with React Native and Expo

By @Ian Wilson

The young web developer knows the web. They’ve spent countless hours slinging divs and casting margins. They’ve hammered out countless to-do applications…

Building Cross-Platform Applications with a Universal Component Library

By @Lucas McGartland

How to write an iOS, Android, and web app simultaneously while managing a design system (and throwing in some virtual reality fun…

Drawing & Signatures with Expo

By @Evan Bacon

TLDR: The library ‘expo-pixi’ provides a component, ‘ExpoPixi.Sketch’, that you can use to capture signatures, doodle, or annotate images!

A stately guide to React Navigation with Redux

By @Daniel Merrill

How I linked animated headers to scroll position in React Native

By @Zohar Levin

Here at Soluto we use React Native to build our mobile apps. We often use Animated to drive animations designed to give our users a smoother and friendlier…

Licenses: The Best Part of Your App

By @Evan Bacon

Turning boring tasks into web-besties!

Building Lexi: Greek Word of the Day

By @Gavin Gilmour

What I learned from developing iOS and Android apps with React Native

By @Berke Ediz Demiralp

I recently developed 2 iOS and 2 Android apps from scratch with React Native and TypeScript and published them on AppStore and Google Play. Today, I’d…

React Native Navigation V2 is Here!

By @Dror Biran

Building a simple app navigation using React Native Navigation V2

Material Design 2.0 in React Native with React Native Paper


Bridging and Creating Custom React Native Components

By @Pushkar Gupta

Simple internationalization of React apps

By @Tomáš Ehrlich

Today’s React Native Tip: Keyboard issues in ScrollView

By @Adhithi Ravichandran

Recreating Beats Music with React Native and Expo Snack

By @Lucas McGartland

Caching images in React Native

By @Rein Van Imschoot

This article targets apps built with react-native init or ejected from the Expo SDK.

7 Tips to Develop React Native UIs For All Screen Sizes

By @Shane Rudolf

How to develop responsive UIs with React Native — 1x03

By @Tasos Maroudas

How To Structure a React Native App For Scale

By @Anosike Osifo

Here’s a sample project that demonstrates the concepts discussed in this article.

Speed up your React Native app using this react-navigation hack

By @JonnyBurger

How To Create An Audio/Video Recording App With React Native: An In-Depth Tutorial

By @Oleh Mryhlod

Building Hackinder — Tinder for hackers

By @Kuba Ptak

See how three total noobs created a complex application in…

The Status Bar Manager in React Native

By @Evan Bacon

TL;DR I made this library:

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Push Notification Provider for a React Native App

By @Spencer Carli

New automation features in Expo CLI

By @Ville Immonen

Inspired and supported by Mark Glagola’s recent work on automating standalone builds, the latest v50 update to exp (the Expo CLI) has a…

Here are my favorite hacks for creating production level apps with React Native

By @Mehul Mohan

Building Facebook Messenger Clone in React Native.

By @Victor K Varghese

Butter Smooth Animations in React Native

By @GeekyAnts

Best practices to implement smooth animations in you React Native app

Props and State in React Native explained in Simple English

By @Adhithi Ravichandran

React Native — How Native Have You Been?

By @Vishal Dubey

React or React Native, the hype is real and why not? A cut-throat market competition…

10 React Developer Tools You Might Have Missed

By @Dotan Nahum

Here’s a few tools you might have missed, out of my React tooling shortlist…

Tutorial: A Collapsible Search Bar in React Native

By @Artem Bogoslavskiy

Implementing complex animations in React Native…

Would Airbnb Have Fared Better With NativeScript Instead of React Native?

By @TJ VanToll

As you might imagine, Airbnb’s recent announcement about React Native piqued our interest on the NativeScript team. In this article we’ll walk through…

Flow vs TypeScript in React — My two cents

By @William Candillon

Update. When writing this story, the support of TypeScript in Babel was not yet released. This has tremendously improved the integration of TypeScript…

Taking a stroll through Sunset Cyberspace

By @Evan Bacon

At my last job I had to work on a Xamarin project — it was such an intense nightmare. I…

FindTuned: Building an A Cappella Search Engine for Spotify in Expo

By @Charlie Cheever

When I was in middle school, an a cappella group called the Colgate 13 stopped at my school on a bus tour of the Mid Atlantic, and I was … blown away….

Easy OS Background Tasks in React Native

By @Reid Mayo

Thanks to a couple of relatively new libraries, running tasks in a background thread…

React Native Authentication in Depth Part 2 — Real World Auth Flow

By @Nader Dabit

Breaking down Authentication Flows in React Native

Building An E-commerce Search App with React Native 🔰

By @Deepak Grover

Creating React Native app boilerplate with Flow, Jest, Enzyme, Prettier and ESLint

By @Lukasz Nawrocki

Manage global state with React Hooks

By @Charles Stover

Since the announcement of experimental Hooks in React 16.7, they have taken the React community…

Uber Cool React Native Components

By @Victor K Varghese

This is the second part to ‘Super Cool Material UI components in React Native!’. I have personally…

Yelp Fusion API and Geolocation API with React Native

By @Valerie Rojdestvenskaia

Our React-native experience at Drops (so far)

By @Mark Szulyovszky

It was interesting to see the negative sentiment that the Airbnb article has created around Facebook’s mobile framework — it hit me completely unexpected…

Upgrading from React Navigation v1 to v2

By @Gant Laborde

How hard is it to upgrade on React Native?

React Native Environment Setup

By @Laxman Sahni

In this React Native tutorial you’ll learn how to setup environment for native apps development based on…

Developing Multi-Slider-Switch in React Native

By @Victor K Varghese

This article covers designing and developing functional…

Using Expo’s Facebook API

By @Adam Navarro

A ton of developers leverage the Facebook platform to increase the power of their own applications, though Facebook the company isn’t the most popular…

HuffPost Is Rolling Out It’s New React Native App On Android (you can join the public beta here)

Flutter Animations — “Can it be done in React Native?”

Building a React Native App using Expo and Typescript (Part 1)

By @Bharat Tiwari

This is the first part of a two-part…

Tutorial: Uber App UI Clone

By @Jess Hui

Follow along with programmer (and pilot!) Varun Nath as he walks us through cloning the Uber app’s user interface in React Native.

Lessons learned while building my React Native mobile app

By @Takuya Matsuyama

Office 365, Skype, MS Teams, and VS Code Are All Being Rewritten in React Native


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