Which is the Best App for Lawyers in 2017?

Mobile Lawyer Visit provides attorneys and practices the opportunity to connect with clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Branding yourself or your legal practice to clients and potential clients is a necessity in today’s competitive environment.

Your clients demand convenience, ease of access and integrity in billing. Offering a simple solution for your clients to connect with you securely and efficiently using their smartphone, tablet or computer meets those client needs. You can set appointments, store notes and information from each consultation, and keep complete client records.

Mobile Lawyer Visit allows you to market yourself or practice. You can send targeted Push Notifications to your clients and potential clients. You choose the rate you charge, the time you are available for consultations and you can even connect with clients using the video technology while out of your office. Our technology allows you full functionality from your own smartphone, tablet or computer.

Contact us today to learn more about how using the Mobile Lawyer Visit technology can improve your client satisfaction and improve your overall business.

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