Best Buy vs. The Apple Store
Jason Fried

Oh my gosh what a useful comparison.

Because I have avoided the Apple Store as much as I possibly could for years. I find the place to be exhausting — teeming with people, noisy. It wears this committed introvert out. After I visit, I need to go spend the rest of the day in a dark room by myself. That said, when I had battery problems with my iPhone 5 a couple years ago, once I got through The Gauntlet and The Wait, the tech who worked on it was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient, and thorough.

Just last week I went over to Best Buy to buy a new TV. I had much the same experience you describe: I walked in, it wasn’t busy, I soon found someone to direct me, he was pleasant but not effusive, he got the TV down off a high shelf for me, I was out of there in no time.

I buy a lot of small electronic stuff off Amazon these days because it’s low friction. Yet every time I go into Best Buy — and there’s one about a 10-minute drive away in my non-walkable part of town — I wonder why I don’t go in there more often.

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