Don’t overlook the quiet voices and contributions
Dan Kim

Thank you for saying this. There are all sorts of styles, and a good leader will try to work with all of the styles on their team.

At a past company, a deeply introverted woman worked for me who would speak only when there had been a few seconds of silence among those in the conversation. The company had an extroverted, boastful nature — she seldom got a word in. So she’d just send short emails out with her thoughts, and it worked well enough.

Another fellow on that team favored verbal communication so heavily that some others asked me to talk with him about it because he interrupted their work too much. I suggested to him that he communicate in chat or email, and he tried, but he just couldn’t write well enough. So he shifted gears, and instead of just interrupting people working he’d get time on their calendar first.

I think the key is for leaders to learn the styles of people who work for them and help them be as effective as possible working through their style.