Why I left Ufone

I have been using Ufone for the last 15 years. I have been switching sometimes to other networks but, most of these years I have been using Ufone. It had amazing service, clear call quality without distortion. I loved their funny Tv commercials. Since, it was the first mobile carrier that I bought into, I had a special love for it. I still have love for the “Ufone”brand, I am still attracted to the 333 network,but sadly I have to leave the network for good.

I never imagined I would ever use Zong, Telenor or Mobilink, for some reason I hated all these other carriers. Zong mostly because of their very bad network quality. You would be hardly two miles away from the booster and still find distortion in call quality. But now Zong and Telenor have improved very much, they have better network coverage, they have good 3G coverage, their 3G and 4G networks are faster. Ufone’s network coverage is limited compared to Zong, Telenor, and Mobilink, their 3G speeds, and their 3G packages suck.

When you take a look at Ufone’s 3G internet packages, you will notice that most of their plans are useless with very limited data. If you accidently watch one video with some their plans you may cross your data limit and go above it emptying your mobile credit. Their most premium offers just 10GB data for for Rs.1000 which not enough for someone like me who watches a lot of youtube on smartphone.

If Ufone want stay relevant in the telecommunications business they need to offer better 3G packages.

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