How to Root Your Android Device.

Be Free! Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. Every human and animal on the planet want to be independent and do whatever he/she want to do.

But here I’m not talking about the freedom of humans nor animals. I’m talking about the freedom the Android device you are using right now. Have you ever think to liberate your Android device from all the boundaries?

No? Think about it right now. In technical words, we call it “Rooting Android device”. Your Android device is not free right now. It is within the boundaries created by its manufacturer’s company.

Why Your Phone Needs the Freedom?

Freedom means removing all the boundaries and limits. When you purchase a new Android smartphone/tablet, it comes with a lot of pre-installed unnecessary apps and you can’t even uninstall it. I know that everyone of you wants to be rid of those apps. This is the first reason to break all the rules and root your Android phone.

It’s clear that Android is the most customizable operating system of all times but everything can’t be done without liberating it from boundaries. But you will be amazed to know that how much you can polish your Android device once after rooting it. Below are the few reasons that why your phone need to be rooted and independent.

  1. You can uninstall the all pre-installed annoying and unnecessary apps.
  2. It will automate everything of your phone that requires root like toggling 3g/4g, Wifi, GPS, CPU speed, switching on screen and last but most important, taking benefits of apps like Tasker.
  3. Boost and increase the battery timing of your phone. Is it not interesting?
  4. Facing terrible ads on your favourite apps? Just root your Android device and block all of them.
  5. Get all of your setups and settings back within few steps once after restoring the device(only possible with rooted phones).
  6. Tweak and play with the every single feature of your phone(not recommended for expensive ones).
  7. Upgrade your phone to every latest version of Android OS.
  8. Install the custom ROM on your phone(could be dangerous).
  9. Share the Wifi connection through the hotspot with your friends. Normally, you can share only data connection.

How to Root Your Android Device?

Coming to the final and main stage of this article now. Rumors say that there are few disadvantages of rooting a device like it will wash the warranty of your brand new phone. But it’s not important at all because you can unroot the device again to get everything back. Follow the below simple steps to begin.

  1. Obviously, first of all you will need an Android device. So pick it and download Framaroot app on it.
  2. Now move the APK of Framaroot app to the external memory of your Android device and install it. You are going to download it from 3rd part store as it is not available on play store. So make sure that you have allow the “ allow installation from unknow sources” from the settings of your phone.
  3. Launch the Framaroot app and select the “Install superuser” option from there and press the button below it. The app may show different text on the button every time, so don’t worry about it.

Download the Framaroot.

That’s it! Your phone will be rooted now within few minutes. Enjoy the freedom of your phone. It doesn’t have any connection with its manufacturer’s company untill you unroot it again. WP 7 devices users can try the Root tool app.