Two Best File Sharing Apps for Your Android.

Sometimes, we need to transfer some data from one phone to another. Android comes with a pre-installed feature called “Bluetooth” which can help you in sending files from one Android to another but only the small ones. The Problem is not winding up here. You can easily share small files using Bluetooth but only Android to Android. This feature of Android doesn’t allow you to share data between Android to iOS. We must have to transfer any data between two smartphones at any stage of the life but we can’t rely on the speed less “Bluetooth”.

The most time-consuming task I ever Faced on my Android is sharing an HD movie with my friend through the Bluetooth. I almost took my 2 hours and the process failed at 90%. After that accident, I started my search for some 3rd party best file sharing apps that work on the base of Wifi Direct. Wifi direct technology is not like the Bluetooth. It can give you the transfer speed of 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps per second. There are hundreds of application on Google play store that operates on Wifi Direct but not all of them are best in quality. After a lot of research, I’m here with the two fastest file sharing apps for Android Zapya and SHAREit.


Zapya is the perfect alternative of Bluetooth to share large files between multiple users at fast speed. It’s not only for Android to Android, it enables you to share data between cross platforms like Android to iOS, Windows to Android and vice versa. More than 200 million of Android user have installed Zapya on their smartphones till now and they rate it 4.5 on play store.

With the help of this file sharing app for Android, you can play Wifi multiplayer game with your loved ones. The latest version of the app allows you to transfer data by scanning the QR code.

The app has support for more than 50 languages. If you buy a new phone and want to transfer files from old one to new then Zapya can help you in this too. Just use the backup feature of Zapya and that’s it!

It’s not only a file sharing app but also an offline chat messenger and video/audio streaming app.

Download Zapya for Android.


The second best and fastest file sharing app I’m gonna share with you in SHAREit. No matter what operating system you are using, SHAREit is suitable for sending data from any Operating system including iOS, Android, Window phones and ever PC.

This amazing tool is 200 times more faster when we compare it to the Bluetooth. There is no size restriction in SHAREit so you can send GBs of files within minutes. Similar to the Zapya, It doesn’t need an internet connection for sending files, It just operates on the Wifi direct of your phone.

The app was initially designed only for Android users but then the developer expend it to all the other operating system. The app is installed by over 200 million Android users with the positive rating of 4.6.

Download SHAREit for Android.

Leave using the old methods to send files between two devices and pick theses advance apps.