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We provide telematics infrastructure for mobile app developers. Our technology enables you to quickly build products to improve driver safety and performance

Zenroad is our flagman telematics app that showcases our capabilities. Now, it is not only a demo app but also the first open-source telematics app.

Free telematics app. What does it mean?

You can use the source code of the app to build your driving app from scratch or re-use the parts of ZenRoad in your apps at no cost.

Why is it important?

We help our clients in scaling businesses and creating new products to improve customer experience and implement safety and efficiency as a part of the corporate culture. …

Nowadays, machine learning has become an integral part of any modern business solution. The sphere of transport logistics and transportation is no exception. Today, we would like to tell you how we create unique mobile telematics solutions that help build, optimize and even predict routes for trucks at Damoov.

When we discussed this task with the customer, an important issue was the choice of criteria for the success of the project. How do I know that we have completed the task? What accuracy should the resulting model have and why exactly? We have divided our task into the following steps:

Damoov - Telematics infrastructure for mobile apps

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