How Use of Analytics Improves Roaming Services

Roaming service is one of the major contributors to the telecom industry. The service is offered to both national and international roamers. For a better experience and to avoid Roaming Fraud, there is a need of Roaming Analytics based on real-time functionality. The extensive operational support based on high-end technology system improves the Roaming Quality. Many telecom operators are integrating innovative and cost-effective roaming plans to achieve customer satisfaction and gain more customers but most of the case due to fraud actions the operators are not able to evaluate the effectiveness of the services provided to their subscribers and manage the revenue flow. All aspects of Roaming Management will be covered in the advanced system. Adoption of predictive Big Data and Real Time Analytics provides detailed information about their subscribers’ behavior and their usage pattern. With implementing of predictive analytics, the operators can target a greater number of customers and provide better quality services.

Mobileum helps the service providers to understand their subscribers better and enables to deliver services to their travelers accurately which in turn help in revenue increase. With predictive analytics based on real-time system helps in improving customer expectation, economical services, Quality Roaming, increases revenue generation and reduces operational cost. When it comes to roaming plans, both national and international travelers prefers to have customized plans of their choice and not so expensive services from their telecom operators. Telecom operators with roaming service achieved $57 billion in 2015, and the next coming years, it is expected to double. But the primary challenge that each telecom operators are facing in Roaming Fraudulent activities is controlling the performance. With fraud actions, there is a leakage of revenue, quality of the service is lowering and decreasing in subscribers. With Roaming Analytics, the telecom operators can avoid the outflow of revenue to travel SIM and OTT services.

Predictive Analysis For Better Roaming Service Management

Predictive analytics with real-time tracking allows detecting any fraud actions happening instantly and also helps in knowing the expectation of the subscribers. The telecom operators involving predictive analytics in their system can understand better and provide roaming services that can be customizable as per the requirement of the subscribers. This real-time fraud prevention solution prevents the leakage of revenue effectively, Quality of Roaming will be improved and subscribers will be increased. Mobileum’s real time-based analytics allows the telecom operators to create roaming services that meet the usage type of both frequent and irregular travelers. With Analytics of Roaming, the operators can provide quality services for both inbound and outbound travelers. It also helps in achieving a high volume of revenue from other travel-associated businesses through integrating effective insight system.

Identifying Fraudulent Roaming activities and measuring the effectiveness of the issue is one of the foremost challenge telecom companies are facing. The telecom operators with having access to collected data information can focus on enhancing the service quality and implementing better Management of Roaming. Securing revenue, improve ROI and be a key performer is what every telecom company thinks to have. With implementing of efficient Analytical Roaming Service, the companies can focus on high-revenue subscribers and middle-level subscribers to generate better sales and increase revenue level. Mobileum roaming service management with real-time system based analysis makes telecom operators provide value-added offers and prevent getting affected from the fraud activities. The predictive analytics not only improves the roaming service quality but also telecom operators can manage the critical issues of fraudulent. With Mobileum roaming management, companies can improve revenue generation and gain customer loyalty efficiently with better service.

Well, Integrating of Mobileum roaming analytics helps telecom companies can provide quality service and enhanced management for roaming services. Being an expert in roaming solution, many telecom companies have benefitted from Mobileum's improvised and efficient roaming products developed for all types of roaming subscribers.