Best Ping Pong Tables & How To Buy Them

It doesn’t matter if you want to purchase ping pong table for professional use or for recreational because it is an investment that you’ve to understand. Therefore, we decided to present you guide on how to buy the best ping pong table.

It is essential to have in mind all factors that could determine the features and use of ping pong table. If this is your first table that you need for the family so that you can play recreational, we recommend you to start with lower price ones. It is especially great if you are just learning how to play.

On the other hand, there are some medium and high ranged types that you should determine, in case that you want to pursue a professional career. That is the main reason why we will present you thorough guidelines on how to buy the best ping pong table.

Factor 1: Portability

First, you have to determine whether you need a ping pong table that will stay permanently in the place or you will put it away after a game.

It is an essential consideration because if you are going to break it down consistently, you should purchase ping pong table which is simple to install.

There are lots of fold-up models that you can handle without anyone’s help. Most of them have rollers so that you can move it quickly and without any additional problem. More expensive models have brakes on wheels so that you can stop without hassle.

How to choose the best ping pong table for beginners & Professional

Factor 2: Thickness

The first thing that we have to have in mind is the thickness of table. According to some players, the standard thickness of ping pong tables should be at least one inch top. That is only worth buying. Of course, you will be able to find tables with 0.75 inches of thickness, but if you want to compete, you should practice on one inch.

Most tournaments and serious leagues will use one inch thick top, so if you want to practice to become a better player, choose this particular one.

Factor 3: Stabile Legs

You should make sure that ping pong table contains strong supports and legs so that you can enjoy its durability. Another feature you should check if ping pong table provides leg levelers.

It is an excellent feature and very handy when you have in mind that your floor is not level. Therefore, the level can interfere with your playing. Thus, you will be able to adjust it accordingly sot at your table could stay on the right size.

Factor 4: Leveling

You should have in mind that most table tops for ping pong tables should be warped. Therefore, we recommend you to put your eye at table height so that you can see and measure all sides of the table and check for any warping or bending that could affect your play. It should be one meter or one-yard long spirit level so that you can access the surface which is not flat.

Factor 5: The Net

There are lots of types of ping-pong tables and attached net that you can enjoy. Some of them have soft covering so that they cannot scratch the surface. We recommend you to check the feel of net clamps before you purchase the one because that way you will be able to determine whether it is dangerous or not.

You should also make sure that clamps don’t dig into the surface on the table because that could interfere with your game and destroy your table after constant use.

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Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

On the other hand, if you want to purchase the table that is weather resistant and that you want to place outside, you should choose the outdoor type. They came in a variety of formats, and most cases supported and legs and rust and waterproofed so that you can enjoy in having it for a long time.

The surface can be wooden, metallic or with some synthetic laminate. For more quality, you will have to spare more money. However, the most critical factor when it comes to outdoor ping pong tables is the possibility to withstand weather elements such as rain and wind.

If you are a dangerous player, you should check the bounce measure on outdoor tables, because of material. Therefore, you should find the one that works similarly to the indoor ones. In both cases, you will get the possibility to protect it with a plastic cover when you are not using it.


It doesn’t matter which one you decide to purchase because you have to follow all factors to determine which one is the best for you. That is the main reason why we presented you how to buy the best ping pong table.

You just have to read the article and check all essential factors so that you can invest in ping pong table that will stand the test of time.