Jul 26, 2016 · 1 min read

Mobility4EU will build an action plan based on a comprehensive vision of the transport and mobility system in 2030, jointly developed, discussed, and agreed in a structured, transparent and democratic process involving stakeholders that represent all societal drivers and all transport modes.

By understanding user needs, mobility choices, aspirations and behaviours, analysis of societal resistance to acceptance of emerging transport technologies and services, the action plan will integrate:

  • interaction between societal trends and mobility and (future) societal requirements on transport
  • new mobility concepts for transport efficiency
  • implications for policies, regulations, standards, forms of governance
  • market opportunities alongside the innovation chain.

The action plan includes a roadmap describing what needs to be done when in order to achieve the vision. It will be organised along milestones for implementation of the vision, will be structured according to the most important modes of transportation and their intermodal link, and will take into account the relevant societal drivers due to current mega-trends.


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EU project establishing a future vision of a transport system in 2030 in Europe.

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