Disabled people spoke about their benefits and requirements on autonomous cars

‘I have never thought that I can use a car by myself and it will take me wherever I want. I do not know what feeling it can be but do hope, that I will have the opoortunity to enjoy it. I hope that our needs will not be forgotten by the designers, car developers.’ — a blind person.

‘As my family sits behind me while I am driving we cannot have a conversation; I cannot lipread and background noise supresses the human voice. In the autonomous car I can talk with the others during the journey. I hope car developers won’t forget about induction loop.’ — a person with hearing aid.

‘I have never had a calm drive with my son. As he is always fidgeting while I am driving, i also have to pay attention to him as well as on the road. With an aoutonomous car both of us can enjoy the journey.’ — a mother with an autistic child.



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