Expert consultation on the Action Plan towards a user-centred and cross-modal European transport system in 2030


Results from stakeholder consultation activities

by Marcia Urban, academic researcher at Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. and member of the Mobility4EU consortium

Mobility4EU joint workshop with Camera project in Brussels, June 2018

The objective of the stakeholder consultation on the Mobility4EU Action Plan is to address and engage different stakeholders such as industry, user representatives, ETPs, research, policy makers, and the research and policy units at the European Commission. For this purpose, several conferences have been selected and a joint workshop together with the EU-funded project CAMERA has been conducted. In each session, specific aspects of the Action Plan, which align with the field of expertise of the participants, were introduced and discussed.

The major outcomes from this interactive stakeholder consultation comprises several aspects such as encouraging collaboration between different transport stakeholders, providing an EU legal framework for the implementation of novel transport solutions, gaining a better understanding of the users’ behaviour patterns, developing and implementing new business approaches and implementing new concepts such as universal design, sharing economy or ambient information systems.

Marcia Urban during the FTA conference 2018 in Brussels, June 2018

The results from the different interactive sessions overlap to a great extent with the aspects which are already included in the Action Plan. However, some concepts and aspects such as ambient information systems are new findings, which complement the different solutions in the Action Plan.

All input from the interactive sessions will be assessed in a second step of the consultation activities. For this purpose, a survey for each of the six roadmaps defined is provided to gather structured and detailed feedback on the Action Plan from different transport stakeholders. This action will be conducted from end of July until end of October 2018. A final consultation conference in November 2018 will conclude this phase. For the final consultation conference, all potential stakeholders with focus on user representatives as well as representatives from the European commission will be invited to discuss the Action Plan and to give their feedback towards the final version, that will be published at the end of the year 2018.

Overview of Stakeholder Consultation Activities



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