Disabled Holiday Accommodation With Wet Room Facility

A Wet Room is a bathroom with no raised areas and it has an open shower. For people with mobility issues, increased Safety is the big advantage of a wet room. The chance of slips and falls is less as you do not have to raise your legs off the floor to get into the bath or shower. Wet room helps to retain as much independence as possible and with this no outside help is required when bathing.

There are disabled holiday accommodations with wet room available for the disabled people who are on a holiday in the UK. All wet rooms are designed for safety and comfort with features made especially for the disabled or those with mobility issues. These wet rooms are stylish and luxurious. They have great looks as well as practicality.

They are the perfect for wheelchair users, as everything is on one level. So the disabled can wheel straight into the shower area. In a disabled wet room there’s a sloping floor and drain where the water can flow out of. The floor tiles are slip-resistant to give you more confidence when moving around.

Planning an accessible holiday in UK? Looking for a disabled holiday accommodation with wet room in UK? Then there are plenty available in different locations in UK. Book the one of your choice and enjoy a safe, comfortable and luxurious holiday.