Wheelchair hire in New Castle

New Castle which is situated on the north of the river tyne is considered as one of the largest cities of England. There are many places of attractions in new castle like Tyne Bridge, theDiscovery Museum and ‘St James Park’ the famous football ground.

These attractions are also accessible for tourists who are enjoying disabled holidays in new castle. Accessible bathrooms can be found in almost all tourist attractions in New Castle which makes sight seeing much more comfortable for disabled people. The public transport buses and even the black cabs are equipped with wheelchair ramps.

To make the sight seeing easier it is better for the disabled people to hire a wheelchair and become stress- free and relaxed while enjoying the beautiful locations of New Castle. An electric-powered wheelchair is a wheelchair that is moved via the means of an electric motor and navigational controls which is usually a small joystick mounted on the armrest, rather than manual power . It gives the person using it comfort luxury and independence. With little safety measures to be followed you can make the best use out of wheelchairs.

Hiring a wheelchair in Newcastle couldn’t be easier. With us, you can search from a wide variety of wheelchairs for the one that meets your needs. Our wheelchairs are light in weight and easily foldable. Whether you have a certain preference or need one temporarily due to an accident or surgery, we have the best selection of wheelchairs for hire in New Castle.

Wheelchair hire in New Castle will give you the freedom to enjoy your trip which was restricted due to disability and other health conditions. Tohire a wheelchair or for wheelchair hire in london and other parts of the UK please do visit our website http://www.mobilityequipmenthiredirect.com or make a call at 08006446062. For wheelchair hire in London and any part of the UK you can also email to us at sales@mobilityequipmenthiredirect.com

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