Mobility Health — A Decentralized Model for Better Access to Healthcare

4 min readSep 29, 2021

We started Mobility with the goal of providing regular people an easy way to see a healthcare provider without compromising on the human interaction needed to make care meaningful. The current process of both scheduling a visit with a provider and visiting them at the clinic is both tedious and time consuming. We believe that healthcare shouldn’t be complicated. Too often, people including us have been discouraged from obtaining care due to the long wait times at the clinic, the burdensome commutes, the difficulty in finding the perfect provider that understands your needs, and the overall lack of transparent communication.

During the pandemic, we realized the potential for home healthcare to bring more accessible care to people. Instead of spending hours traveling to and waiting at the clinic, patients were able to see healthcare professionals within minutes all in the comfort of their PJs. We saw a shift in mentality of people wanting more convenient access to healthcare in their homes and providers also being more willing to provide care outside of the clinic. Telemedicine proved to be immensely impactful in restoring the patient-provider interaction thwarted by social distancing.

However, there remain some elements of an in-person interaction that could not be replaced by virtual care — notably forming personal connections with your provider, creating care continuity, and accurately diagnosing and treating certain conditions that require physical interactions and tests. The solution? A home visit. Home visits provide convenience to patients while supplementing the gaps of telemedicine.

Mobility combines the affordability and convenience offered by telemedicine with the human connection created by home visits to provide a truly customized healthcare experience for our patients. We are beginning our journey in physical therapy because of the need in the industry for PTs to physically evaluate their patients and perform manual adjustments along with the duration and frequency of treatment required for patients. Eventually, we want to extend this solution across healthcare, allowing patients to pick their desired form of care and their provider across a range of specialties. We want to give people the ability to customize and control their healthcare experience. People are not the same. We have different priorities, preferences, and personalities. So why should our healthcare be the same?

We outline here some more information on what it means to find healthcare through the Mobility platform.

More Convenient

Modern healthcare is evolving to become increasingly patient-centric. One of the biggest ongoing struggles in healthcare is the lack of a simple way to obtain it. With most Americans balancing the daily demands of work and life, it’s often difficult to find a provider that is not only responsive to a patient’s individual needs but also can fit into their busy schedule. Mobility’s platform allows patients to find any providers they want with a few clicks of a button and receive care within hours without ever needing to change out of their pajamas.

Healthcare is changing drastically, spearheaded by a growing number of patients wanting more convenient access to care and less red tape. Technology is at the forefront of this change, and we hope to use it to better connect patients to their healthcare providers. By allowing patients to easily access healthcare professionals with any questions they have, we help build a true connection between patients and providers while facilitating comprehensive care. We truly believe that by making healthcare more convenient, we can make it more accessible to everyone.

More Personalized

A patient-centered approach means that healthcare should be provided in a holistic manner. Not only should patient clinical outcomes be met, but their individual needs, values, and concerns should all be addressed in unison. We aim to preserve the sacred relationship between patient and provider. Oftentimes, patients make themselves vulnerable to their provider only to eventually lose touch with them due to poor patient matching and a lack of consistent touch points at clinics and hospitals. By not only allowing patients to specifically choose their providers but also allowing them to meet each other during an initial consultation, we lower the barriers to entry and ensure that both parties are truly satisfied with each other before any formal commitment.

We have a responsibility to help patients find the best providers for them. We believe that this personalized approach ultimately captures the greatest value for both sides, which will hopefully set the standard for how healthcare will be provided across the United States.

Better Quality

By allowing our providers to operate freely, we grant them the autonomy to work on their own schedule and see the patients they want. Doing so allows them to be more intentional with the patients they choose to see and how they choose to treat them. We believe this directly translates to a better quality of care for our patients.

Looking Ahead

We forward to diving more into detail on how people like you can get the best healthcare possible, including tips on how to seek medical help, strategies you can take to improve your own well-being, and overviews on the recent innovations within healthcare. Follow us here to stay updated.




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