Nevertheless .NET developers are not as demanded as Java or C, there’s still a great need of them nowadays. Projects, created with the help of Microsoft tools are quite rare, that’s why it’s not that easy to find and hire .NET developers with rich experience behind their backs. It may be useful to know that employers also tend to search for programmers with knowledge of C# (as they are closely tied together), Java, and SQL while requesting .NET developers. So if you have experience in above mentioned techs, be sure that you will be demanded.

How to Hire a .NET Developer?

Since many programmers nowadays have desire to work with big projects and companies are looking for such candidates, there is an easy way how they can meet each other. It is outstaffing. In case you are not familiar with the process — it is quite simple: if you are looking for PHP programmers, for example, you apply with your request in a company which provides staff and it finds ideal employees for you, whether you want them on a temporary basis or for a long term. If you are interested not only in .NET developers, but in the ones with other obtained skills as well, check out this research with more information on this point.

.NET developers salaries depending on seniority and location

Let’s proceed to the salaries of .NET developers. According to the Dou and Payscale sources, we’ve collected the data for this research. Usually salaries of programmers depend on the level of their skills and location. In the table below you can see the comparison of the cost of developers depending on their seniority:

Cost of .NET Developer Ukraine

Table showing .NET developers cost based on their seniority

As you can see, salaries may differ vastly, depending on the level of acquired knowledge and the scope of the project. If the company, which hires .NET developer, is small and all tasks are quite simple, then the minimum or average salary can be paid to the programmer for his work. In case it’s a long term contract and the project is huge, company pays much more for the performed job.

.NET Developer Salary

Table showing Java developers cost based on location

In the table above you can see that Odessa offers the highest payment to the senior .NET developers, along with Dnipropetrovsk, which pays quite good sums of money junior and middle programmers.

.NET Developers Salaries

Table showing the countries with the biggest demand of .NET developers in 2016

In 2016 USA and India were searching for .NET devs the most, but you can see, that they offer dramatically different salaries for the same type of work.

Why Ukraine?

In the process of searching for the right developer to participate in your project, you may encounter difficulty to choose one from several candidates, who usually happen to be from different countries. Showing you facts that you may take into consideration while making a choice, Mobilunity answers the question ‘Why hire exactly Ukrainian developers?’:

  • Talent
  • High level of education
  • Flexible approach to projects
  • Convenient location
  • Reasonable developer salary

Need a .NET developer for your upcoming project? Let us find and outstaff right candidates for you!

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