Laravel framework is considered to be one of the best PHP frameworks for Web 2.0 development. The reason why it is preferred by a lot of web specialists lies in the wide range of functionality Laravel provides to optimise and accelerate the whole development process. MVC model of application architecture, automated testing tools, methods for troubleshooting system errors and eliminating security vulnerabilities are among the benefits of Laravel.

Laravel Development of Dashboard Framework

In course of the development of one of our recent projects, Mobilunity development team came up with an idea to build a custom dashboard framework. This tool would be extremely useful for our company, as we oftentimes deliver web applications, the integral part of which is an admin dashboard. The framework was built by PHP and JavaScript developers with the help of Laravel, Backbone.js, Marionette.js and a couple of other technologies. This is a single page application with simple REST backend able to automatically generate dynamic UI for dashboards. The UI generator is meant to decrease the cost of development by refusing from HTML template usage and consequently HTML slicing and styling tasks. UI of a dashboard panel is auto generated by JavaScript, the process is based on the JS descriptions of how the dashboard layout should look like and what elements it should contain. Using our dashboard framework one is not limited to development of admin panels, building various websites and SPAs is possible here as well.

Laravel development of dashboard framework

Technologies Mobilunity used in development of Laravel dashboard framework

Services Our Laravel Developers provide

Our company has ample experience in web and mobile development, and PHP framework Laravel is one of the technologies we actively use in our projects. Here are the products we can build with Laravel and Laravel solutions we provide:

  • Scalable websites development
  • Development of dynamic web application
  • Platforms for Social Networks development
  • Development of hybrid mobile application
  • Laravel-based CMSs
  • Data Migration
  • Applications Enhancement
  • Outstaffing of Laravel developers
  • Laravel Consulting

Build your web applications with experiences Laravel developers!

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