Basecamp Overview

Basecamp being in the top of most used online project management tools brought attention of Mobilunity team to it as well. Having experience with great amount of project management tools basecamp has common features with jira, redmine, slack and others. But we must admit that Basecamp has much more advantages than disadvantages.

basecamp review

Welcome message of the system upon first login

In 2015 was released a Basecamp3 having a lot of new features added. This was an impressive update to previous version of Basecamp 2, taking into consideration that company has implemented 26528 lines of code in 2012. And as founders informed in their Twitter: “basecamp 3 code stats surpassed 30000 lines of code.”

Basecamp Pros

Having used Basecamp we prepared a Basecamp Review and we are sure that our experience will help you with choice of best project management tools.

One of the most biggest advantages for us: is ease in use and first implementation. How to use Basecamp you will understand straight away as you enter into the system.

how to use basecamp

Basecamp’s Calendar

What’s new and awesome features we should mention? First of all:

  • unlimited number of projects for all types of memberships,
  • automatic check-in after working day asking users about their progress on assigned tasks, schedulers where users can switch off receiving notifications,
  • integrations similar to social media, for example: “Applause”, something similar to “Like”,
  • great possibility to assign tasks to multiple users,
  • docs&files storage,
  • mobile apps for Android&IOS,
  • can be used by your clients as well.

Mobilunity started working with Basecamp few years ago when one of our clients insisted on using it and it was Basecamp 2 UpStar, which was not impressive though, mainly because all great functionality was implemented in more expensive plans. Fortunately, this outdated now and Basecamp offers Premium Features to all, but for a good price.

According to Project Manager Kateryna: “A simple interface, though working rather fast but to say sincerely there was nothing impressive that could bring us to stay with them as basecamp alternatives could offer more functionality.

Basecamp Cons

We found point out to one, but crucial disadvantage of Basecamp: it’s not cheap!

Yes, even old Basecamp versions were not cheap and non refundable, though you have an option to “freeze” account not more than 6 month.

Basecamp 3 has a new pricing system, which is pretty simple: $29/month for internal teams or $79/month if you use Basecamp with clients. Thus, if you own business which only starts to develop, such a fee might not make you happy, though new functionality and company goal to keep “all in one” will definitely be an advantage.

basecamp alternatives

Basecamp alternatives:

  • Jira — check our full review here
  • Redmine — check our full review here
  • Slack — check our full review here
  • Trello — check our full review here

Mobilunity Team is always happy to assist and help you with any kinds of problems you might have!

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