Why Is It Worth to Build Native Apps with React Native?

In previous years, most companies that developed mobile applications used HTML5. Over time, some of alternative frameworks appeared in order to make a development more convenient and simple. React Native is particularly distinguished among them. This product of Facebook is of great importance for the simplification of development process for any ReactJS developer.

The History and the Mission of React Native

It is a JavaScript framework, which is gaining popularity day by day. The concept of React Native development and its functionality are simple and understandable.

React Native app development has a number of advantages that deserve attention:

  • an ability to create full-fledged native components;
  • a unified system of applied tools regardless of a platform;
  • a possibility to build native apps easily and promptly;
  • it is a universal tool that perfectly performs all the tasks.

All these benefits are already appreciated by programmers from all over the world. According to a research, conducted by Sacha Greif for The State of JavaScript, this technology is quite popular among React Native programmers. 53% of respondents said that they have already used it and would use it in future. According to this survey, it obtained 92% of satisfaction among developers.

Applications Made with React Native

The apps created with this framework are so popular and widespread that they do not need to be introduced. This is a short list of Android and iOS applications everyone heard about:

Source: Facebook.github.io
  1. Facebook (for iOS and Android). Comments are superfluous when it comes to the most popular social network in the world.
  2. Facebook Ads Manager (for iOS and Android). This is an instrument that allows to promote your business inside the social network and analyse your results.
  3. Instagram (for iOS and Android). This social media was created for sharing and communication, but now it becomes a powerful tool for doing business.
  4. Walmart (for iOS and Android). This is a popular marketplace that allows to satisfy everyday needs and offers all possible goods.
  5. Airbnb (for iOS and Android). This is a service for travellers which allows finding an apartment for rent in different countries.
  6. SoundCloud Pulse (for iOS and Android). This tool helps download music and listen to it without Internet connection.
  7. Uber Eats (for iOS and Android) gives an opportunity to order food from the nearest cafes and restaurants anywhere in the world.
  8. Bloomberg (for iOS and Android). This tool is indispensable for analysts of economic and trading activities. It allows getting information about current prices on stock exchanges, as well as about major events in the financial market.
  9. Tesla (for iOS and Android ). This application was created for electric car owners. It is intended to diagnose the vehicle, as well as partially command it with a smartphone.

Pros and Cons of React Native App Development

The talk of iOS Director Ron Lisle

For a React Native programmer it is possible to build native apps with JavaScript only. If you want to build React Native app, here are some main advantages of using this technology:

  • The speed of the application. The application receives full hardware support for the device and uses multithreading for complex tasks. During the development of an application, a React Native developer can measure the speed of all sections of a code and optimize them if necessary;
  • New software and hardware functionality is available for implementation immediately after the release of updates;
  • Simplicity of testing. A whole complex of technologies is provided at the disposal of developers and testers. All system parameters are automatically controlled during the operation of an application, for example, if the application begins to use more memory or CPU resources. In native development, there are a lot of opportunities for automatic testing, for example, if part of an application stops working correctly after changes in code. The native projects have the functionality of remote error monitoring, which allows detecting errors and their cause on a user’s device;
  • The support of applications with the help of App Store and Google Play. They have strict requirements on the quality of applications and are interested in ensuring that users receive the most positive experience. The application should be bug-free, convenient, fast-working, and meet the requirements of App Store and Google Play. Otherwise, it will not be available in the store.

Of course, the creation of native apps requires a developer to have special knowledge and skills to work in a particular development environment. Moreover, usage of React Native for iOS development as well as for development of Android apps, makes the development process much longer. A programmer has to build 2 separate native apps for iOS and Android platforms. As a consequence, the cost of development of such applications is much higher.

How to Save Costs Creating a React Native Mobile App

The presence of a mobile application in any sphere of business does not surprise anyone. At the moment, it is rather an indicator of a status and ledge of a company’s success. The following statistics can easily prove this statement.

Thus, according to Business 2 Community, 52% of time spent in the digital media is used for mobile applications. Smartphone owners use 89% of their time using mobile applications. Moreover, 85% of people prefer to use native applications to hybrid ones on their gadgets. The facts speak for themselves — a mobile application is absolutely necessary for any business that wants to keep pace with the times and increase sales or its popularity.

Native applications are more popular among customers than hybrid ones. Thus, a lot of people and businesses build native apps and spend a lot of money to get a high-quality app. Still, we would like to offer few solutions on how to save on native app development.

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React Native mobile app development can be cost-effective if you either outsource the development process to other countries paying hourly rate to companies or hire dedicated/remote developers (IT offshoring) paying fixed monthly rate. Based on our experience, IT offshoring is 60% cheaper service than IT outsourcing.

In order to prove this, we have reviewed average net salaries of frontend developers in different countries in order to understand what a React Native developer salary can be. The results are as follows:

Comparison of net salaries of frontend developers in different countries
  • If you want to hire a frontend programmer in Israel, his average net salary will be $4300 per month.
  • German frontend developers earn approximately $4100 per month.
  • Hiring a Ukrainian frontend (React Native) programmer will cost you only $1700 per month according to the Payscale.

As we can see, this service is not cheap, but is absolutely necessary to stay in contact with your customers. However, IT offshoring can be a great way out of the situation.

Hiring a React Native Programmer to Create Your App

If you want to hire a developer to build your native app, you can also hire a developer independently (hire freelancers), still you will be responsible for your choice and the work done. It is very risky as you get no guarantees of quality and on-time delivery.

Hiring a dedicated development team or a React Native programmer from an IT offshoring and nearshoring company is much more safe and cheaper solution. Such companies usually help businesses extend their development teams with the needed in-house experts or those from their pipeline within 2–3 weeks only.

A CV of a React Native developer from our pipeline

This is exactly what our company can offer you if you are looking for native app development and want to save money. You may hire our developers at all-inclusive monthly rate for any period of time. Thus, you will not only save money for app development, but will receive a guarantee of high-quality services and performed work as we work only with professional programmers. Interested? Learn more about our React Native developers inquiring for a detailed CV!

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