So I just booked my ticket to #LA & am (barely) ready to deal with the reality that I’ve been nominated for an unimaginable award alongside some extraordinary writers. These four writers are all sources of inspiration & it is an honor to be in a category with them.

Now, while I am excited to attend the ceremonies & red carpet festivities, I’m super afraid. Yesterday, I did an interview and they asked what advice might I have for women artists. It caused me pause. But I think I replied first slowly, than with vigor and speed: “walk into the fire, into the fear. Be unafraid of failing. Be unafraid of succeeding. Be most afraid of silence. How silence can hold close your name.” Because of fear & shame I worry that I shouldn’t talk about future endeavors or be too happy. As a woman I am taught to be humble first. Be honored that someone else says your name — do not celebrate your own name. And so I rebuke that bullshyt in the ‘16. I will be brazen and full of #blkjoy. I will celebrate my own #blkgirlmagic — I will find pleasure in sitting in the sun. In my journey & continued support of other artists, I will remember my own purpose my own art, my own legacy; is just as important. As mother, it’s easy to set aside your own needs and desires. So no, in ‘16 I will stretch myself outside of the shadow of fear & reach towards the shining and growth of myself. I be a reflection of other women. I know I am not supposed to be here. And still. I am. I am still here. I will adorn my own name with love. #NAACP #cavecanem #selflove #love #acceptance

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