Do we need a superhero in real life?

Let’s talk about being Batman. Can you imagine doing what he does and living a normal life too? Stopping crime like no other and having so much wealth.

Bruce Wayne; Billionaire, Philanthropist, and industrialist. That’s what I dream being one day and possibly many others. That’s one way of being a superhero but is that enough? We all have the potential to be more than just being human in the near future. AI is probably going to take over and we all might need bionic arms. Also, who wouldn’t want to drive the bat-mobile?

If were all superheroes this world would be even more crazier it would seem but in times like these we need a superhero to save our world. It might make sense if there was one superhero for every city or country who could be in contact with the President. We all watch superhero movies to imagine if there was one or if we could be one which makes us think. Maybe one day. Maybe.

Do you want to be a superhero?